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About 西湖龙井

About Our Dragon Well:

Why is it called West Lake Longjing(xihu long jing)?

West Lake Longjing has a history of 1,200 years and was produced in the mountains around Longjing Village, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, hence the name. When Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty visited the West Lake in Hangzhou, he highly praised Longjing tea and named the 18 tea trees under Shifeng Mountain as "Royal Tea", thus making Longjing tea famous in the world. Due to long-term quality control and word of mouth inheritance, it has become one of the most famous green teas in China today.  

How to distinguish the quality of West Lake Longjing?

The production areas of Longjing tea are clearly differentiated. The core production areas are "Shifeng, Longjing, Yunqi, Hupao, and Meijiawu", followed by the West Lake production area. In addition, the Longjing tea produced in Hangzhou City is second-class (Qiantang Longjing), and the Longjing tea outside Hangzhou is again first-class (Yuezhou Longjing). The more the core area, the smaller the scope and the less yield, but the better the growing environment and the better the quality.

How to distinguish the level of Longjing?

The super Longjing tea has a flat shape, brown beige color, even color and mellow fragrance, with orchid and chestnut fragrance. It is famous for its "green color, fragrant, sweet taste and beautiful shape". The secondary Longjing tea is tender green in appearance, with chestnut aroma. The lower the grade, the more complex and thick the dry tea color is, the aroma changes from floral to fried, and the leaf bottom changes from tender buds to bud leaves.
This year's West Lake Longjing has been affected by the rain, and its shape is less uniform than last year, but it has a very rich orchid fragrance, and the taste is also fresh and sweet, full and mellow, and it is worth a try.