Photos of Taiping Houkui(太平猴魁) Making Process


Product Link: Click Me! Visited Tea Factory, we want to get more info about 2021 New flush tea's process, to creat best-perforamance online store for our customers. ----Houwang(猴王) Tea Industry with Zheng Shan Tang(正山堂) Brand     1st Steo: Inroom Drying 2nd Step: Withering the Tea 3rd. Fixation-1 3rd Fixation-2 3rd Fixation-3 4th Step: Tidying Tea Strips with Hand-1 4th Step: Tidying Tea Strips with Hand-2 5th. Refining the Tea Go Back to Product: Click Me!

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In about 1568 AD, the Ancestors of Jiang built Zheng Shan Tang and was the first one to produce the black tea called Lapsang Souchong, which became the origin of black tea in the world.  In 1604 AD, the Lapsang Souchong started its journey across the sea and then it became so popular that it quickly swept the European region, and finally worldwide. It created the Afternoon Tea Culture that affected the life style of the date all over the world. In 1820 AD, it has gradually evolved into Gong...

Beauty of Oriental Tea Clothes.


Tea Clothes. It was originally derived from professional costume for tea events Select from Chinese Tea Culture "Clean, Peace, Soft, and Quiet" Absorb Han Dynasty Clothes - Relaxation, Beauty of Calm. Always the embodiment of the spirit of the tea people. It's more of a return to traditional Chinese culture. Thoughts on modern lifestyle And the yearning for a “slow” life. The long-term tea culture, traditional Chinese culture has created the beauty of tea clothes "beauty", "quiet", "silence" and "harmony". Tea clothes are an indispensable part of Chinese clothing culture.... Review Medals Verified Reviews Badge
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