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Zheng Shan Tea Series Mini Bag

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Lapsang Souchong has been handed down for more than 450 years,the "Zheng Shan" of Lapsang Souchong not only represents.The "authentic high-altitude region" from the specific mountain,but also represents the dedication and professionalism of the tea craft.

For letting our customers drink high-quality teas.We prepared a lot for the Zheng Shan Tea series.

These five Zheng Shan tea products are selected from the most distinctive local teas,produced in the most authentic local tea mountains with fertile soil, an intact ecological chain and rich ecological resources.

They are made by master tea makers such as Jiang Yuanxun, Lin Feiying and Chen Ansheng, all of whom are the inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, making the most authentic tea with the most authentic techniques.

Product Info:5 Kind of Mini Bags from Zheng Shan Tang正山堂. 

Type: Black Tea/Oolong Tea/Pu`er Tea/White Tea

Storage method: Sealed and placed at room temperature, cool, dry, no peculiar smell, dark place.

1. Jin Jun Mei Mini Bag

Net Weight: 3g/ 0.10 Ounce

Origin: Tongmuguan,Wuyi Mountain.

Grade: Top Grade.

Type: Black Tea.

Picking Standard: Only Bud.

Dried Tea: Golden yellow and black.

Soup: Golden and translucent with a gold circle.

Fragrance: Fruit and Honey.

Taste: Fresh and sweet in water. Fragrant in sweet.

It takes 60,000-80,000 buds to make one catty of Jin Jun Mei, and the white-necked pheasant in this package is an endangered and rare animal, which is meant to convey that every single bud of Jin Jun Mei is precious.

The tea trees are selected from a 565 square kilometer area of the Wuyi Mountain National Nature Reserve. Made from the pure bud of wild tea trees at an altitude of 1200-1500m, the tea is of the same quality as the Jin Jun Mei from Brand Zheng Shan Tang.

2. Iceland Village Pu'er Mini Bag

Net Weight: 5g/ 0.17 Ounce

Origin: Iceland village, Yunnan province.

Grade: Top Grade.

Type: Pu'er Tea.

Picking Standard: 1 Bud 2-3 leaves.

Dried Tea: Strong.

Tea Soup: Golden Yellow Bright.

Fragrance: Floral and fruity with a hint of icing sugar.

Taste: Sweet and refreshing.

The most distinctive feature of Iceland Pu’er is the sweetness of icing sugar.

The packaging of this tea is designed with the peacock, a national-level protected animal unique to Yunnan, as a design element, the colorful peacock complements the sweetness of Iceland pu’er with icing sugar.

It is the highest end of the Zheng Shan Tang range of pu-erh teas. We have established a tea co-operative with Mr Zhou Shunming, the chief of the Iceland village in Mengku Township, Shuangjiang County, Lincang, to select raw materials from the Iceland village of Wuzhai, and to control the quality of the tea from the source.

3. Silver Needle White Tea Mini Bag

Net Weight: 5g/ 0.17 Ounce

Origin: Nanshangang南山岗, Guanyang County, Fuding City.

Grade: Top Grade.

Type: White Tea.

Picking Standard: Only Bud.

Dried Tea: Full of white hairs, silvery white in color.

Soup: Bright apricot yellow.

Fragrance: Distinctive masculine fragrance.

Taste: Sweet and refreshing.

The distinctive feature of Silver Needle White Tea is that its tea buds are white and shaped like needles. The packaging uses the white crane as a design element, showing the tea buds dancing like cranes in the tea bowl. This is the highest end of all the Zheng Shan Tang Series.

The raw materials are produced in Nanshangang南山岗, Guangyang Town, Fuding, the core production area of Fuding white tea, under the personal control of Mr. Lin Feiying, the founder of the sub-brand Lin Feiying and the founder of Golden Flower white tea.

4. Smoked Lapsang Souchong Mini Bag

Net Weight: 5g/ 0.17 Ounce

Origin: Tongmuguan,Wuyi Mountain.

Grade: Top Grade.

Type: Black Tea.

Picking Standard: 1 Bud 3-4 leaves.

Dried Tea: Dark brown oily leaves.

Soup: Orange Red Bright.

Fragrance: Pine smoke and cinnamon, and a special high-altitude tea flavor.

Taste: Full-bodied mellow and strong.

It has no specific tea tree species,and tea trees are scattered in protected areas.The packaging design also uses the Wuyi macaque,the representative animal of Wuyi Mountain,to express the wildness and freedom of Lapsang Souchong.

The raw materials are selected from tea trees grown at an altitude of 800m above sea level in a 565 square kilometer area of the Wuyi Mountain National Nature Reserve.

Made from one bud and two or three leaves, its quality is the same as the Bense in the Zheng Shan Tang series.  

5. Wuyi Mountain Da Hong Pao Mini Bag

Net Weight: 8.5g/0.3 Ounce

Origin: Authentic rock tea region, Wuyi Mountain.

Grade: Top Grade.

Type: Oolong Tea.

Picking Standard: 1 Bud 3-4 leaves.

Dried tea: Moist and firm.

Soup: Yellow and bright.

Fragrance: Floral and fruity.

Tastes: Strong and mellow, with distinctive layers.

The Da Hong Pao tea tree grows in the narrow crevices of rocks and is known as the "King of Tea".The packaging of this tea is designed with the "king of all beasts", the South China tiger, to convey the strong taste of Da Hong Pao.

This is the highest-end rock tea in the Zheng Shan Tang range.The raw materials are strictly selected from the first bud and three or four leaves of the tea tree at the Tianxin天兴 Rock Tea regions, the core rock tea producing area,and are made by Mr. Chen Ansheng,the founder of the sub-brand Yanyu. Rock Tea master.

How to brew?

The tea types of these five products are different, so the brewing methods are also different.

Click here to view the brewing method of Zhengshan Souchong and Jin Junmei.

Click here to view the brewing method of Da Hong Pao.

Click here to view the brewing method of Bingdao Pu’er.

Click here to view the brewing method of  Silver Needle white tea.


Zhengshan Tea Jinjunmei

  • Place of Origin: Tongmu in Wuyi Mountain Reserve, the birthplace of Lapsang Souchong, the ancestor of the world's black tea, and the core area of the world's cultural and natural heritage sites
  • Dry tea: The ropes are well-proportioned and tightly knotted, golden yellow and black, mostly black, with golden hair revealed.
  • Soup color: golden and translucent, clear with golden circles
  • Aroma: Comprehensive aroma of flower and honey, sweet in water, fragrant in sweetness
  • Taste: The taste is fresh and sweet, with high mountain charm
  • The bud After Brew: bright and stretchy, very fresh, bronze-colored
  • Zhengshan Tea·Jinjunmei, with the endangered and rare animal white-necked long-tailed pheasant as a design element, intends to convey that every tea bud used to make Jinjunmei is precious. The golden and black Jinjunmei is like a white-necked long-tailed pheasant. Colorful feathers add endless beauty to Jimei

Zhengshan Tea Lapsang Souchong

  • Place of Origin: Tongmu in Wuyi Mountain Reserve, the birthplace of Lapsang Souchong, the ancestor of the world's black tea, and the core area of the world's cultural and natural heritage sites
  • Dry tea: the rope is tight and thin, the sharp and young are showy, and the black is still moist
  • Soup color: bright orange, clear and translucent
  • Aroma: Contains significant rosin and longan, and a special alpine rhyme
  • Taste: The taste is mellow and smooth, with obvious sweetness and obvious longan soup flavor
  • The Leaf after brew: plump and bronze
  • Zhengshan Tea Lapsang Souchong uses Wuyi Macaque as a design element. "Wild" macaques live in Wuyishan Nature Reserve for many years and live in harmony with people. Just like "wild tea" in "Zhengshan", it is difficult to hide. Stealth, drink at ease

Zhengshan Tea Dahongpao

  • Place of Origin: Core region of Wuyi Mountain
  • Dry tea: the cords are tight and thick, and the dry smell is scented with pollen.
  • Soup color: The soup color is yellow and translucent, with a golden circle
  • Aroma: Delicate and full of flower aroma, flower bone fragrance, extraordinary rhyme
  • Taste: The taste is mellow and smooth, with a light sip, the back is smooth and smooth, with distinct layers
  • The leaf after brew: The leaf base is red and bright, soft and stretched, and it is blue-brown
  • Zhengshan Tea Dahongpao, with the South China tiger as the design element, the "king of tea" Dahongpao, growing in the crevices of the rock, with the fragrance of flowers and clear water, the deep ravines of the steep peaks, and the misty... The taste is domineering like a tiger, "the king of beasts "It is the condensation point of Chinese totem worship, and it interprets the meaning of "auspicious beast" for Dahongpao.

Zhengshan Tea Icelandic Puerh

  • Place of Origin: Icelandic Village, Yunnan
  • Dry tea: bar-shaped hypertrophy, bud peaks are visible
  • Soup color: golden and translucent
  • Aroma: Floral and fruity, with rock sugar rhyme
  • Taste: sweet, soft and mellow, with obvious sweetness in the entrance
  • The Leaf After Brew: The leaf base is slender, soft and bright, and the leaf shape is complete and soft
  • Zhengshan Tea·Icelandic Pu'er, with the unique national first-class protected animal in Yunnan - the peacock as the design element, the familiar elements and spirit, the noble and glamorous colorful peacock and the ice-sugar sweet Icelandic Pu'er complement each other.

Zhengshan Tea Silver Needle

  • Place of Origin: Fuding, Fujian
  • Dry tea: The buds are plump, covered with Pekoe, straight as needles, silver-white gray in color, and shiny
  • Soup color: The soup color is light apricot yellow, clear and bright
  • Aroma: Fragrance is significant, fragrance is quiet
  • Taste: sweet and refreshing, full of flavor
  • The Leaf After Brew : bud needles are plump, bright in color, well-proportioned and fresh
  • Zhengshan Tea Silver Needle, with white crane as the design element, the needles and leaves are like "crane" light feathers, the design is a smart cursive font, re-depicting the image of "Ruihe" dancing with the wind in the hearts of oriental people. Painting, there is tea in the painting!

Core Area

The tea tree varieties with unique local characteristics grow in the Zhengshan production area, enjoying the best combination of ecological and environmental factors, and the tea produced is of superior quality. Lapsang Souchong and Jinjunmei black tea originate from the paulownia wood of Mount Wuyi, Dahongpao originates from the core Zhengyan production area of Mount Wuyi, Iceland Pu’er originates from Icelandic Village in Yunnan, and Baihao Yinzhen originates from Fuding, Fujian. Each one comes from the recognized core origin of each category, creating an incomparable and difficult-to-replicate raw material quality of Zhengshan tea. Zhengshan tea, each one comes from the authentic core origin

Best Craft

Only the orthodox production process can make every production area and every tea variety show its due state. Zhengshan tea, inherited with orthodox skills, presents the pure taste of tea from the origin of Zhengshan. The production techniques of Zhengshan Souchong black tea, Wuyi rock tea (Dahongpao), Fuding white tea, and traditional Pu'er tea are all intangible cultural heritage. Jinjunmei black tea production skills, on the basis of more than 450 years of inheritance of Zhengshan Souchong black tea skills, have innovated and reformed, leading the drinking fashion of high-end clear drinks. Zhengshan tea, each one is refined with authentic heritage craftsmanship

Zhengshan inherited

Generations of Zhengshan tea people have adhered to their original aspirations to form the excellent quality of Zhengshan tea. Zhengshantang focuses on intensive cultivation of black tea. As the inheritor of Zhengshan Souchong black tea and the founding enterprise of Jinjunmei, it has more than 450 years of black tea inheritance and historical and cultural heritage. the only company. Zhengshan tea is deeply integrated into the source processing and production of Zhengshantang and its subsidiaries. Relying on the quality management practices of Zhengshantang, it inherits the "Zhengshan Spirit" and presents the quality and taste of tea. Zhengshan tea, each one comes from the persistence and original intention of the continuous inheritance

Zhengshan Spirit

The spirit of Zhengshan begins with the persistence of inheritance from generations, and is dedicated and professional in creating the excellent quality of Chinese tea. Inheriting the "Spirit of Zhengshan" and creating the quality of Zhengshan. Zhengshan tea, each one comes from the authentic core origin, and each one is refined with authentic and inherited craftsmanship. Zhengshan Tea is committed to creating a quality benchmark for Chinese tea, drawing on the quality management and brand development experience of Moutai (recognized as a geographical indication product in 2001) and Zhonghua Tobacco (recognized as a country of origin in 2003), and strives to become a good tea in China. represent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

All teas are good but I think maybe if there are some package or little bag would be great

younjung yang

낱개 가방에 쏙 넣어갔다가 회사에서 뜨거운물이나 우유에 먹으면 진짜 간편해요. 진짜 잘녹아요 맛있어요

혜리 김
처음 차를 입문하면서 구매

다도에 관심갖고 입문하면서 구매했어요
제 입맛에는 금준미가 가장 좋았어요
보이차는 잘 못 우린건지 못마실 맛이였어요ㅠㅠ
우롱차는 굉장히 익숙한 맛이였구요
백차는 은은하고 상큼하고 상쾌한 끝맛이 좋았어요
정산소종은 기대에 못미치는 맛이였어요 훈연향이 그닥..
다양한 시도를 해 볼 수 있어서 좋았어요

kim yewon
천천히 먹어보고있습니다

은은하고 감칠맛있는 단맛이 나요.
1번과4번 먹어봤는데 1번은 호불호없이ㅜ잘마실수잇을거같은 맛이고 4번은 훈연?인건지 약간 취향 밖이더라구요 ㅋㅋ
다른것도얼른 마셔보고싶어요

수연 이

부드럽고 은은하면서 잘 넘어가요... 떫은 맛이 덜해서 저같은 초보도 먹기 좋았던 것 같아요(우릴때 실패해도 괜찮았단 의미기도 해요) 차가 이래서 좋구나 하는걸 점점 깨달을 수 있게 해준 것 같네요 ㅎㅎ

ahan Park
부드럽고 맛있어요

차를 잘은 모르지만 그냥 제 입에 맞는 차를 찾아다니며 마시는 중입니다. 대홍포 마셔보니 굉장히 부드럽고 은은한 단맛도 느껴지는게 저는 정말 좋았어요. 가격이 좀 나가는데 미니팩으로 살 수 있어 좋습니다!