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Zheng Shan Tang 「Song-Feng-Ya-Yun宋风雅韵」Limited Edition 7 Boxes Collection

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Net Weight: 700 Gram

Products: Zhengshantang「Song-Feng-Ya-Yun」product gift box collection

The Song Dynasty was the heyday of tea culture. During this period, literati had four elegant styles: "burning incense, tasting tea, arranging flowers, and hanging paintings", elevating daily life to the realm of art, which is enviable. This 「Song-Feng-Ya-Yun」 series is a selection of seven representative precious animals from Wuyi Mountain corresponding to the seven classic black teas of Zheng Shan Tang. It integrates the classical Song style aesthetics into the product design, and cleverly uses the frame scene method to make the overall picture clear and smooth, reproduced the beauty of Song style elegance~

limited to 1000 copies worldwide

Jin Jun Mei Black Tea(50g*2)

Dry Leaves: Golden yellow and black.

Aroma: Flower and fruit honey.

Taste: Fragrant melts in water, full and sweet.

The white-necked long-tailed pheasant (Syrmaticus ellioti白颈长尾雉) is a first-class protected animal in China and an endangered and rare animal, symbolizing the preciousness of Jin Junmei.

The color of the golden-yellow and black Jin Junmei is like its colorful feathers, and its posture is agile. The chic honey color shows elegance and restraint, but also highlights the noble quality of Jin Junmei, showing elegance.

Aged Fir Narcissus Black Tea(50g*2)

Dry leaves: Golden yellow and black.

Aroma: Zongye and moss fragrance.

Taste: Sweet and mellow, with a long aftertaste.

The "first-class national treasure" yellow-bellied pheasant黄腹角雉is a first-class protected animal in China. The male bird's back is chestnut-brown, symbolizing longevity, just like the years of old fir. And the bright color it hides in the throat, just like the amazing after tasting the old fir, the unique mellow fir rhyme.

Yin Jun Mei Black Tea(50g*2)

Dry Leaves: Yellow and black.

Aroma: Flower and fruit.

Taste: Sweet and mellow, elegant and fragrant.

The "Fairy in the Forest" pheasant(Lophura nycthemera白鹇) is a national second-class protected animal. Its feathers are as white as snow and covered in silver. It was regarded as an auspicious bird by the ancients and became the pattern of the court clothes of the Ming and Qing civil servants.

Endowed with a classical blue color, it is like the deep sea and bright like a gem. Just like the gentleman's silver eyebrows in tea, the character is noble, the charm is extraordinary, the sweetness is delicate, elegant and high-end.

Shui Di Xiang Black Tea(50g*2)

Dry Leaves: Dark and tight.

Aroma: Faint dry lychee fragrance.

Taste: Delicate and smooth, mellow and soft.

The "Panda among Birds" merganser duck(Mergus squamatus秋沙鸭) is China's first-class key protected wild animal. Give the classic blue color, as elegant and pure as the fragrance of the bottom of the water, quiet and low-key.

Jun Mei Hong Black Tea(50g*2)

Dry Leaves: Dark and tight.

Aroma: Honey fragrance.

Taste: Smooth and soft, like honey sweetness.

The "Annunciation Bird" white stork(Ciconia ciconia白鹳) is a first-class protected animal in China, with the iconic "white dress and black dress", walking like a fairy. It also symbolizes auspiciousness and extraordinaryness, and its elegant posture is like a sweet and soft red eyebrows, leisurely and content. Add a solemn "purple red" to convey the luck of eastern world.

Fei Zi Xiao Black Tea(50g*2)

Dry Leaves: Dark and tight.

Aroma: Rich dried lychee fragrance.

Taste: Refreshing in the mouth, long-lasting fragrance.

The "Queen of Butterflies" Golden Spotted Papilio(Teinopalpus aureus金斑喙凤蝶) is a very precious butterfly in the world, ranking first among the eight most precious butterflies in the world. In the Song Dynasty, green was a symbol of status, showing nobility and elegance. Just as the concubine smiles gracefully, the unique lychee fragrance is fragrant and pleasant.

Lapsang Souchong Wild Tea(50g*2)

Dry Leaves: Dark and tight.

Aroma: Intense herbal fragrance.

Taste: Sweet and full, rich in layers.

The "jungle hermit" clouded leopard(Neofelis nebulosa云豹) is a first-class protected animal in China, with large dark cloud-like markings. Hence the name "clouded leopard", it inhabits tropical and subtropical forests, grows in uninhabited areas of original ecology, and is full of wildness. The fresh and sassy Ai green symbolizes originality and nature, as if breathing in the depths of the forest. Just like wild tea's publicized taste, refreshing and natural flavor .


Zheng Shan Tang - Luxury High-Quality Black Tea

product name

Picking Standard


Raw Material Production Area

Jin Jun Mei Black Tea

Only Bud

Golden yellow and black;Soup color is golden with a golden circle;with the fragrance of flowers, fruits and honey;Taste is fresh and sweet.

The original ecological tea area in the Tongmu Nature Reserve of Wuyi Mountain, with an altitude of 1200-1500 meters sea level of wild tea trees

Yin Jun Mei Black Tea

1 bud and 1 leaf

Yellow and black;Soup color is orange;Aroma of flowers and fruits;Taste is fresh and sweet.

Jun Mei Hong Black Tea

1 bud and 2 leaf

Black and oily ;Soup color is orange;Has honey,floral fragrance;Taste is sweet and mellow.

Fei Zi Xiao Black Tea

1 bud and 2 leaf

Dark and moist; Soup color is bright orange;Taste is sweet and fresh, with a strong aroma of dried lychee.

The original ecological tea area in the Wuyi Mountain Tongmu Nature Reserve, the high-altitude original ecological high-fragrant tea tree varieties.

Aged Fir Narcissus Black Tea

Only Bud

Golden and black;Soup color is golden with golden circles;Smell of fir (tree + moss);Taste is mellow and sweet.

The original ecological tea area in the Tongmu Nature Reserve of Wuyi Mountain, the old tea tree with more than 100 years of history.

Shui Di Xiang Black Tea

1 bud and 2 leaf

Dark and moist;Soup color is bright orange;With  dry lychee fragrance, and the entrance is smooth and mellow.

Original ecological small tea tree in Tongmu Nature Reserve, Wuyi Mountain.

 Lapsang Souchong Wild Black Tea

1 bud and 3 leaf

Dark and moist;Soup color is orange;Taste is mellow and sweet, and it has a strong herbal flavor.

The wild tea trees in the high-altitude original ecological uninhabited area in the Tongmu Nature Reserve of Wuyi Mountain;Due to the particularity of the region and quality, have less output and are suitable for collection.

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