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「Yanyu」Wuyi Rock Tea・ Horse Head Rock Rougui(马头岩肉桂)51g

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Product: Horsehead Rougui

Brand: Yanyu岩语 Sub-brand of Zheng Shan Tang, mainly for Wuyi mountain rock tea.

Net Weight: 51g Per Box

Material:1 Bud with 3-4 leaves from Wuyi Mountain Core Production Area


Rock Teas From Wuyi Mountain:

Wuyi Mountain is the birthplace of rock tea and black tea, every year in the middle of April and May, is the harvesting time of Wuyi rock tea, the fragrance of tea permeates the mountains.

Wuyi rock tea is unique among many teas for its unique floral and fruit aroma and special strong and strong taste. Rock tea is picked not for freshness or tenderness, but mainly from one bud, three or four leaves, after withering, making green (so that the tea leaves collide with each other and rest to form a unique aroma), fixation, kneading, drying, roasting and other processes.

After that, it has to be roasted several times to stabilize the quality until September or October before it can be made. It is because the rock tea is roasted and the fire is high that we generally do not drink the tea in the current year. When the fire is lowered in the second and third years, we can drink that can both reflect the aroma of the tea itself, and also have a more mellow tea soup, and aged rock tea is rarer.

The horse head is named because its rock is shaped like a horse's head, and belongs to one of the core production areas of the Wuyi rock tea producing area, the quality of the tea produced is superior. With the open terrain and sufficient sunshine, the tea tree has stronger photosynthesis and the cinnamon tea tree has a higher aroma, spicy and cinnamon taste. The taste is more intense and suitable for all old tea drinkers.


Customer Reviews

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BooGwi Yeom
정산소종 분말

간편하고 맛과 색도 훌륭
간편하게 차를 우려서 마실 수 있다는것
그렇다고 맛과 향.색이 나쁘지않다는것
목넘김 또한 아주 좋다