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「Yanyu」Brew the Mountain Series・Cattle Ranch Pit Cinnamon(牛栏坑肉桂 )Wuyi Rock Tea

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LUXYURY-Cattle Ranch Pit Cinnamon

It comes from the core producing area of rock tea - Cattle Ranch Pit Cinnamon, with a clear grassy smell and a sweet taste.

Chinese Market Retail Price:¥280 ($43.08)

Grade: Top Grade

Net Weight: 8.5g

Place of Origin: One bud and three four leaves of the cinnamon tea tree in Niulankeng, the core production area of Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, China

Dry leaf: tight knot, dark brown

Aroma: Green grass, cinnamon

Tea soup: bright orange

Tea flavor: fragrant and fruity, mellow, frankincense after 6 courses

Wet leaf: buds are plump and beautiful in shape

Storage method: placed at room temperature, dry, dark, sealed, no odor

How to brew?

Wuyi rock tea should be brewed in a gaiwan/zisha pot.Click to view Purple Clay Teapot

First warm the bowl with hot water, add 8.5g of tea, shake the bowl gently to smell the fragrance.

Pour boiling water along the wall of the cup, 1-3 soaks without soaking directly out of the soup, 4-6 courses are appropriate to sit in the cup. It can be brewed 8-10 times.

What is Cattle Ranch Pit (Niulankeng)?

Cattle Ranch Pit (Niulankeng) belongs to the core rock tea producing area of Wuyi Mountain and is one of the most famous rock tea producing areas.

The"pit" is concave, with mountains on both sides, with short sunshine time and sufficient water. The east-west valley can withstand the cold northwest wind in winter for the tea trees, which is suitable for plant growth. The Niulan Pit has lush vegetation, lush vegetation, and dense moss between the rock walls, forming a natural ecological cycle system. The dense vegetation is conducive to the accumulation of linalool and green leaf alcohol in cinnamon varieties, so the standard Niulankeng cinnamon has a rich grassy flavor.

The soil is mainly weathered soil and glutenite, which is rich in trace elements and minerals and has good permeability. These trace elements make up the rich taste of rock tea. The loose soil is conducive to the expansion of the root system of tea trees, and promotes the synthesis of amino acids, caffeine, and tea polyphenols. These connotative substances are the reasons for the mellow tea soup.

What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon is the name of the tea tree variety and the name of the tea. Cinnamon tea tree has excellent quality and is widely planted in Wuyi Mountain. It is one of the main varieties of Wuyi rock tea. In addition to the characteristics of rock tea, the produced tea also has a unique aroma of cinnamon and frankincense. Famous for its fragrant and intense aroma.

What's special about this tea?

Because it grows in Niulankeng, which is rich in vegetation, its dry tea has a clear grassy fragrance. The varietal characteristics of cinnamon tea trees are very remarkable, and the aroma of cinnamon bark after brewing is pungent. The mellow tea soup reflects its rich content. 6 After brewing, you can smell the frankincense clearly at the bottom of the cup, and the entrance is full of the aroma of flowers and fruits and the spicy feeling of cinnamon tea. It has both the pungency of cinnamon and the grassy fragrance of Niulankeng. At the same time, the tea soup is mellow, rich and delicious.


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