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Fenghuang Dancong(Phoenix-tea) Mi lan Fragrance Type-50g tin

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Fenghuang Dancong has a wide variety of varieties and rich aromas. Milan Fragrance is named the honey flavor and Orchid flavor is particularly strong. The tea soup is bright orange and yellow; It is the most common dancong, and it is one of the first choices for people who are just beginning to learn about Fenghuang dancong tea.
China retail price: /, this tea is a special product for lapsangstore

Net weight: 50 grams / 1.76 ounce

Grade: 1st Grade

Tea type: Oolong tea

Origin: Fenghuang Narcissus Tea Tree, Zhao`an Town, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province.

Picking standard: 1 bud,2-3 leaves.

Process: Traditional craft charcoal roasting.

Dry tea: Gray-brown, tight and straight.

Tea soup: Orange yellow.

Aroma: Honey Orchid.

Taste: Tea soup is mellow and sweet, with delicate aroma and long lasting.

Wet Tea: Uniform color, oily.

What is Fenghuang Dancong (Phoenix-tea)?

Fenghuang Dancong tea is produced in Fenghuang Town, named after Fenghuang Mountain. A tea tree, after being cultivated by tea farmers for several generations, is confirmed to have a unique and excellent fragrance. This tea tree is then harvested and produced by a single plant, which is called "Dan Cong"(单丛).
As far as modern times are concerned, the energy and time spent in doing so are too high, so most of the current Fenghuang Dancong is made by uniformly picking the same variety of tea trees.

What is Milan Fragrance Dancong?

There are as many as 100 kinds of fragrances of Dancong tea. Milan Fragrance is one of the top ten flavored precious fir-flavors of Phoenix Dancong.
It is very regrettable that in 1978, the 150-year-old [Milan Fragrance Dacha] mother tree died. It was not until around 1996 that the villages in Fenghuang Town started grafting and planting again. Milan Fragrant Phoenix Dancong has a wide planting area and high tea yield, so it has the characteristics of high quality and affordable price. This makes it the most common dancong on the market, and one of the first choices for people who are just beginning to learn about Phoenix Dancong tea.

How to brew Phoenix-tea?

It is recommended to use a gaiwan/Purple clay teapot for brewing.

1. After warming the cup, add 6g of tea (the ratio of tea to water is 1:20, that is, the amount of tea in a 150ml bowl is 6-7g)

2. Shake gently to smell the aroma of tea, the aroma of Phoenix Dancong is fragrant, and the aroma characteristics are the most obvious at this time.

3.Add 100°C water, and the water should submerge all the tea leaves during brewing.

4.Do not soak for 1-6 courses for a long time. After adding water, the soup will come out immediately. and then soak it properly for 5-10s.

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