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2022Top Grade Lu'an Guapian(六安瓜片)First Spring Green Tea 60g Tin

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The only green tea without buds and stems, made with only leaves. Produced in Lu'an, Anhui, it has a seaweed fragrance. After soaking, the leaves stretch, which is very beautiful.

Picking time: April (pre-GuYu Spring Tea)
Net content: 60g/Tin
Level: Top Grade
Origin: Lu'an, Anhui
Dry tea:Emerald green color, no buds and no stems
Fragrance: Fresh floral and seaweed fragrance
Soup: Light green bright
Taste: Fresh
Wet tea: Full and complete, dark green
Storage method: Store in a cool, dry, dark place. For long-term storage, it is recommended to place it below 0°C to keep the green tea fresh.

How to brew?

Lu'an Guapian should be brewed in a glass.
1. After smelling the cup, add 3g of tea and smell the tea aroma
2. Add 85-90℃ water
3. Wait 2-3min for the tea leaves to stretch before drinking.

More About Lu’an Guapian:

Why is it called Lu'an Guapian?

Lu'an Guapian is produced near Qishan in Lu'an City, Anhui Province. It is the only tea without buds and stalks. Because of its shape like sunflower seeds (瓜子:“Gua Zi”), it is called "Lu'an Guapian".

How are Lu'an Guapian made?

The origin of Lu'an Guapian is very narrow, only produced in the Dabie Mountains of Jinzhai County, Lu'an City, with a radius of only fifty or sixty miles. The misty rain here for many years weakens the direct sunlight and forms scattered light, which is conducive to the formation and accumulation of aromatic substances in tea.

When picking Lu'an Guapian, it is necessary to discard the tender shoots, and only take two or three leaves, seeking "strong" rather than "tender". The absence of buds reduces the grassy taste, and the absence of stems ensures that the tea is strong and not bitter.
Therefore, it has to wait until the tea buds grow completely, about after Qingming and before Grain Rain.
The craftsmanship of melon sliced ​​tea is complicated and the time to market is late, so it does not have an advantage in the market, and even the inheritance of traditional skills is a problem. It is very rare to find a traditional product that can represent the quality of Lu'an Guapian.

How does it taste?

The color of Lu'an Guapian is emerald green, with hoarfrost, the soup color is clear green and bright, with the fragrance of flowers and seaweed, and the taste is fresh and sweet.

Click here to view the mini pack (3g) of Lu'an Guapian.

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