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Junmei Prebiotic Cranberry Mooncake

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Shelf Life: To November 2th.

Production Date: August 20th.

Shelf Life: 75 Days.

Product Info:



Prebiotic Cranberry 60g


Momoyama mooncake originating from Japan,

Rich in milk, soft and fine,

Add sweet and sour cranberries,

While upgrading the taste, it still maintains the soft, waxy and sweet taste, and every bite is wonderful.

The pink and tender colors are cute.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts: Click here to view

Storage: Low temperature, cool, ventilated place


About Mooncakes:

Moonlight Shines, Lapsang Imperial Goods.

Made By Zheng Shan Tang.

Branded Product

Traditional Junmei Craft
Airline Food Production Standards

Maxim's Caterers Limited Technology Support

Quality Assured

Selected safe, healthy, and delicious ingredients

Combined with a rigorous process

Low Sweet Taste

Less oil, less sugar, no additives

Low sweet taste, eat healthy at ease


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