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Junmei Egg Yolk Bean Paste Mooncake

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Shelf Life: To October 24th.

Production Date: August 10th.

Shelf Life: 75 Days.

Product Info:


Egg Yolk Bean Paste 60g


The raw materials of red beans are selected from En`shi,Hubei, the cooperative production place of Junmei in China.

Alpine red beans from the natural selenium-rich biosphere, rich in natural selenium in the soil, bring special nutrients to the red bean crop.

In this classic Cantonese mooncake, the ratio of egg yolk and bean paste is just right. The top-quality large egg yolk is selected, and the "stuffing in filling" process is used to achieve its unique filling flavor.

The soft and delicate bean paste is wrapped in salty egg yolk, which is simple and authentic. The skin is thin and filling, the fragrance is soft and sweet, and the natural fragrance is rich and long. The two have subtle contrasts in taste but achieve a corresponding harmony, and they complement each other. When you bite into it, the taste is thick and smooth, and the bean fragrance is overflowing. The tastes of different levels are harmoniously blended here, which is very graceful.

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Storage: Room temperature, cool, dry place(refrigeration is better).


About Mooncakes:

Moonlight Shines, Lapsang Imperial Goods

Made By Zheng Shan Tang

Branded Product

Traditional Junmei Craft

Airline Food Production Standards

Maxim's Caterers Limited Technology Support

Quality Assured

Selected safe, healthy, and delicious ingredients

Combined with a rigorous process

Low Sweet Taste

Less oil, less sugar, no additives

Low sweet taste, eat healthy at ease

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