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2022First Grade Enshi Yulu (恩施玉露)Pre-Qingming Green Tea 80g Tin

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The only green tea in China that remains steam-fixed is from Enshi, Hubei.It is made the same way as Japanese green tea. The trace element "selenium" in tea is high in content, which can prevent cancer. Fresh taste.

Picking time: March (Mingqian spring tea)
Packaging Date: April 9th
Net content: 80g/Tin
Level: 1st Grade
Origin: Enshi, Hubei
Dry tea: Emerald green shaped like pine needles
Fragrance: Bean fragrance and floral fragrance
Soup: Light green bright
Taste: Fresh
Wet tea: Stretched and emerald green
Storage method: Store in a cool, dry, dark place. For long-term storage, it is recommended to place it below 0°C to keep the green tea fresh.

How to brew?

Enshi Yulu should be brewed in a glass.
1. After smelling the cup, add 3g of tea and smell the tea aroma
2. Add 85-90℃ water
3. Wait 2-3min for the tea leaves to stretch before drinking.

More About Enshi Yulu:
The origin of Enshi Yulu?

Enshi Yulu originated in the area of ​​Bajiao Township, Enshi City. According to legend, during the Kangxi period, there was a tea merchant in Huanglianxi, Enshi Bajiao. By 1936, on the basis of jade green tea, the pot was changed from frying to steam, which not only made the tea's soup green and the bottom of the leaves green, but also its appearance and color was oily and emerald green, like the color of green jade. Also renamed Yulu. In 1945, it was exported to Japan, and since then, "Enshi Yulu" has become famous in the world.

Where is Enshi?

Enshi, Hubei is China's natural selenium-rich agricultural production area, and is known as "the world's selenium capital". The annual average temperature here is 16.4 °C, the annual rainfall is about 1525 mm, and the clouds and mists are all year round, which is very suitable for the growth of tea trees.
Because the local land naturally contains selenium minerals, the tea produced also contains selenium. According to the analysis of the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Enshi Yulu dry tea contains 3.47mg/kg of selenium, and tea soup contains 0.01-0.52mg/kg of selenium, so Enshi Yulu is also a treasure in selenium-enriched tea.

What is Enshi Yulu's feature?

Enshi Yulu is a rare steamed green tea with needle-shaped green tea in history. Steaming is a key process in the traditional production process of Enshi Yulu. Different from other green tea methods, the high temperature of steam can quickly kill the green tea, which can destroy the activity of enzymes in fresh leaves in a very short time, and better retain the color, aroma and taste of tea leaves. Finally, the "three greens" characteristics of Yulu tea, "green in appearance, green in soup, and green at the bottom of leaves" can be presented.

Customer Reviews

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Great tea but only 50g not 80g

The tea is great but instead of an 80g tin I got only 50g tin.

Hello,We are very sorry for causing you trouble.You can contact us at lapsangstore@gamil.com, tell us your order number and weighing picture, we will provide compensation to you as soon as possible.