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2022Top Grade West Lake Long Jing (Dragon Well) (西湖龙井)Pre-Qingming Green Tea 50 Tin

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VENDOR: Zheng Shan Preferred


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50g Tin
50g*2 Tin
1 Green Tea Glass Cup(+$5)
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How to Brew
Bud & Leaf Black Tea

China's most famous green tea, produced in the authentic core West Lake production area of the premium Longjing, has a sweet taste and a long floral fragrance.

Picking time: March 21 (Mingqian first spring tea)

Domestic market retail price: ¥650($105)

Grade:Top Grade

Net Weight: 50 Gram

Tea Origin: Xihu District from Hangzhou City. China.

Dried Leaves: Flat, smooth, straight with even. green with clean.

Aroma: Light Orchid Fragrant, Chestnut Fragrant.

Soup: Clear green

TasteSweet and Refreshing

Wet Leaves: Young single piece, with light green bright

Storage methodStore in a cool, dry, dark place. For long-term storage, it is recommended to place it below 0°C to keep the green tea fresh.

How to brew?
West Lake dragon well should be brewed in a glass cup.

Add 1/3 of 90-95℃ water, put in 2.5g of tea, and then add 1/3 of water. After waiting for 2-3 minutes, the tea leaves are stretched and dropped to drink.

About Our Dragon Well:

Why is it called West Lake Longjing(xihu long jing)?
West Lake Longjing has a history of 1,200 years and was produced in the mountains around Longjing Village, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, hence the name. When Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty visited the West Lake in Hangzhou, he highly praised Longjing tea and named the 18 tea trees under Shifeng Mountain as "Royal Tea", thus making Longjing tea famous in the world. Due to long-term quality control and word of mouth inheritance, it has become one of the most famous green teas in China today.

How to distinguish the quality of West Lake Longjing?

The production areas of Longjing tea are clearly differentiated. The core production areas are "Shifeng, Longjing, Yunqi, Hupao, and Meijiawu", followed by the West Lake production area. In addition, the Longjing tea produced in Hangzhou City is second-class (Qiantang Longjing), and the Longjing tea outside Hangzhou is again first-class (Yuezhou Longjing). The more the core area, the smaller the scope and the less yield, but the better the growing environment and the better the quality.

How to distinguish the level of Longjing?
The super Longjing tea has a flat shape, brown beige color, even color and mellow fragrance, with orchid and chestnut fragrance. It is famous for its "green color, fragrant, sweet taste and beautiful shape". The secondary Longjing tea is tender green in appearance, with chestnut aroma. The lower the grade, the more complex and thick the dry tea color is, the aroma changes from floral to fried, and the leaf bottom changes from tender buds to bud leaves.
This year's West Lake Longjing has been affected by the rain, and its shape is less uniform than last year, but it has a very rich orchid fragrance, and the taste is also fresh and sweet, full and mellow, and it is worth a try.

How to Brew

Here attaches the brewing guide of Chinese teas, pleases check below links if needed.

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Green Tea Brewing Guide: Click Me!

Any questions please email at

or check our FAQ: Click Me!

Bud & Leaf Black Tea

Lapsang Store Loose Black tea don't add other materials. Tea Buds and leaves all picked from Organic Nature tea origins.

In Lapsang Store. Not only different origins. Different Black Tea also have different picked standard, which determine its value in large extent.


Tea buds: The young buds and stems contain the most theanine. It is the main ingredient of black tea freshness
Effect: Theanine is the main amino acid in tea, black tea is the main component of Xianshuang, there are caramel aroma and flavor similar to MSG heavy and mellow, can ease the bitter taste, enhance sweetness.
Physiological function: Can promote nerve growth and improve brain function, enhance memory and immunity. Theanine is also dedicated to helping humans resist Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease, lowering blood pressure, increasing beneficial intestinal flora, and reducing plasma cholesterol.

Leaf: Contains more tea polysaccharides
Effect: makes the tea sticks tight and oily, and the soup feels sweet and full-bodied. It can form a sweet taste of tea soup, and can also form some special aromas, such as sweet aroma, caramel aroma or chestnut aroma.
Physiological function: Tea polysaccharides have many physiological functions such as radiation protection, anticoagulation, antithrombosis, lowering blood sugar and enhancing immunity.

Leaves Maturity: tea polyphenols is one of the main components that form the color and fragrance of tea
Effect: General term for polyphenols in tea. and
The higher the maturity of buds and leaves: the less tea polyphenols, the worse the quality of black tea.
Physiological function: Tea polyphenols have anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood lipids, anti-cancer and anti-mutation effects!

Fresh Leaves: The tea mainly contains three alkaloids: caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. The content of dry matter (2%-4%) in caffeine is the highest, which is an important flavor in tea. 
The thicker and older the leaves are, the less the alkaloids have.
Effect: The substance has a bitter taste and has a refreshing taste after being associated with theaflavins.
Physiological function:The alkaloids in tea can slightly stimulate the human cerebral cortex to relieve fatigue. At the same time, it will slightly stimulate the gastrointestinal system to help digestion and diuresis. Of course, in addition, it also has conventional health care methods such as strengthening the heart to relieve spasm and relax smooth muscle.

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혜민 심
I like it


Hyerim S.
맛과 향이 훌륭합니다.

너무 유명하지만 한국에서는 구하기가 어려울 뿐더러 값도 비싼데 덕분에 빠른 배송으로 받아볼 수 있었습니다.

신선하고 고소하며 깨끗한 맛과 향이 근사합니다. 여운도 오래 남습니다. 비슷한 가격의 한국이나 일본 녹차에 대비해 훨씬 훌륭한 경험을 제공합니다. 왜 중국에서 가장 유명한 차인지 알 수 있었습니다.

250g이라는 단위가 좀 많은 것이 아쉽지만 자꾸 손이 가므로 도전해봐도 좋을 것 같습니다. 정신차리면 주변에 영업하면서 자꾸 마시고 있을 것입니다.

BooGwi Yeom
서호용정과 홍차

차가 아주 맛있어요
향이 구수하고 찻잎도 파릇파릇
또 구입하고싶은데 직구를 많이해서 시간을 두고 재구매할예정입니다 재고가 남아있길.. 홍차도 기대가되는데
아직 미개봉상태라 담에 후기 남기겠습니다


2021 Limited Xihu Dragon Well(西湖龙井) 1st Grade 250 Gram


용정차 한국에서 구매하기 힘든데 이렇게 정산당에서 구매할 수 있어서 매우 기쁩니다. 평소 중국갈때 저렴한 용정차를 구해 마셨는데 이번에 1급 명전 서호 용정차를 처음 구매하여 마셨습니다. 일단 한국어가 지원되서 너무 좋고 일정금액 이상이면 무료배송도 참 좋은거 같습니다. 맛은 햇차라 그런지 뜯는 순간 고소한 향기가 났고 물을 넣으니 고소함이 배가 되었으며 풀냄새나 떫은 맛 없이 깔끔한 맛에 정말 매일 마시고 있습니다. 물에 용정차잎을 오래 둬도 맛이 변함이 없네요. 가격이 비싸 처음엔 망설였지만 후회없는 선택이었습니다.

Noriko Kogi


Hye Young Kim
서호용정 녹차 2022 시음후기

푸릇한 말린 녹차잎이 들어있어서 녹차가 정말 차잎을 우려먹는 거구나 라는 당연한 생각을 하게 되었습니다.
상큼하고도 차맛이 구수한데 신선해요. 처음 마시고 든 생각은 입맛이 너무 높아지겠다.. 큰일이구나 싶었어요.
깡통안에 은박지로 차잎이 들어 있습니다.
비싼데 아껴먹어야겠어요

사랑해주셔서 감사합니다. 오랫보관시 0도이하로 냉장보관추천드립니다.^ ^

jiyoung baek
깔끔하고 맛있어요

이렇게 값나가는 녹차는 처음 마셔보는 사람입니다. 밀봉을 뜯자마자 찻잎의 모양을 보고 먼저 감탄, 차를 우려서 향을 맡아보며 다시 감탄, 차를 마시면서 또 감탄했어요. 이제 어쩌죠... 너무 일찍 비싼 차의 맛을 알아버렸네요...

looking forward to green tea

The green tea have not arrived yet for Shanghai rockdown.

We are very sorry that due to the sudden outbreak in Shanghai, the package was stranded T T We compensated you for the tea samples from Korean warehouse, Thank you for your waiting…

Laehyeok Kang

【SOLD OUT, SEE YOU 2022 SPRING】Lapsangstore Selected-2021 West-Lake Dragon Well(西湖龙井) 1st Grade 250 Gram