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10 Flavors Fenghuang Dancong Tea Mini Bag Collection

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10 Flavors Fenghuang Dancong Tea Mini Bag Collection - None is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


Fenghuang Dancong(Phoenix-tea) has a wide variety of varieties and rich aromas. This collection selects the ten traditional flavors of Fenghuang Dancong tea, which are standard in the core production area, including jasmine fragrance,Huangzhi fragrance,Yulan fragrance type,Jianhua fragrance type,Cmnamon fragrance type,Milan fragrance type,Almond fragrance type,Guihua fragrance type,Zhilan fragrance type,Yulan fragrance type.

These aromas are naturally emitted by the tea itself because of its variety and process characteristics, and are named after it, rather than the scenting process of flower tea (adding flower to absorb aroma), so the aroma is elegant and not greasy, and the tea soup is mellow and refreshing. I hope that tea lovers who want to know about Phoenix-tea can have a deeper understanding of Phoenix-tea and appreciate the charm of Phoenix-tea by tasting this set of teas.

Net Weight: 85g (8.5g×10)


Tea Type: Oolong tea

Origin: Fenghuang Mountain, Chaozhou, Guangdong

Picking Standard: One bud, two or three leaves of a single species of tea tree

Process: Traditional craft charcoal roasting

Dry Tea: Tightly, brown in color

Storage method: Sealed and placed at room temperature, cool, dry, no peculiar smell, dark place.

How to brew?

It is recommended to use a covered bowl for brewing.

  1. Add a bag of tea after warming the cup, shake gently to smell the tea aroma
  2. Add 100 ℃ water, the water should submerge all the tea leaves when brewing.
  3. 1 course of soaking for 5s, 2-8 courses of soaking for 1-3s, and then soaking for 5-10s, the tea should be drained when the soup is out, otherwise it will be bitter.

Product Details:

Huangzhi Fragrance Type

It is kind of top-quality narcissus tea with natural Gardenia fragrance.The dry tea has tightly-winding and heavy strips,and black-brown,moist luster;and the tea-soup is golden and bright with strong fragrance;with mellow and unique taste,it is lasting for soaking.

Jasmine Fragrance Type

It is named because of the natural jasmine fragrance when brewed. The dry tea strips are tightly rolled, dark brown, and the aroma is still high; soup color is bright orange and yellow; taste is sweet, and the mountain flavor is strong.

Yulan Fragrance Type

It gets this name because the tea has natural yulan fragrance.The dry tea strip is tightly-winding and shapely;the color is black and brown,the natural yulan fragrance is lasting,elegant and faint;soup is light-yellow,bright and mellow.

Zhilan Fragrance Type

It gets this name because the tea has natural Zhilan fragrance.Dry tea strip is tightly-knotted,bin,heavy,black-brown and shiny. The fragrance is strong,the soup is orange with a bit reddish brown,and taste is refreshing and lasting with mountain-style.

Guihua Fragrance Type

It gets this name because the tea has natural Guihua fragrans fragrance.The tea strips is tightly-winding and is grey-brown.The fragrance is wcak and light,and the soup is orange with natural Guihua fragrance.It is lasting for soaking.

Almond Fragrance Type

Has the aroma of medicinal almonds.The dry tea strip is tightly winding,slim,heavy,black brown and oily.The almond fragrance is strong,the soup is gold and bright,and taste is refreshing and lasting.

Milan Fragrance Type

It is so called because the tea has very strong honey-taste and a bit Zhilan fragrance.It is plump strips,grey and brown,oily and moist,the fragrance is sharply stinulated with strong mountain style.The tea-soup is orange and bright,and the taste is mellow,fresh and salubrious It is lasting for soaking.

Cmnamon Fragrance Type

It gets this name because the soup's taste is similar to that of Chinese traditional medicine cinnamon.The dry tea strip is tight,straight and even;the color is black and moist with a bit brown;fragrance is pure and refreshing;and tea soup is orange and bright with mellow,and sweet taste.

Evening Primrose Fragrance Type

It gets this name because the tea has natural evening primrose fragrance .The tea strip is tightly-winding,plum,straight and light-brown.The original evening primrose fragrance is very strong;the soup is gold and bright with unique flavor.The taste is refreshing and lasting.

Jianghua Fragrance Type

It gets the name because of the sweet and a little ginger piquancy in the tea soup.The tea strip is tightly winding,oily,moist and yellow;the fragrance is weak and light and refreshing;the soup is gold and bright,the taste is a little sweet with some ginger taste and mountain style,It is very stimulated and can keep you refreshing.

More About Fenghuang Dancong:

What is Dancong?

Dancong tea is produced in Phoenix Town, named after Phoenix Mountain. The name "Dancong" is due to the fact that in the old days, only the fresh leaves from a single tea tree were picked to make the tea, and in modern times, the effort and time spent on doing so are too high, so nowadays, most of the Phoenix Dancong is made by picking a single variety of tea trees together.

The origin of Fenghuang Dancong ?

Phoenix Mountain is composed of hundreds of peaks, large and small, surrounded by thin clouds, dense fog, warm climate and abundant rain, creating a good growth environment for the famous Phoenix tea tree.

In the Song Dynasty, the people of Fenghuang Mountain discovered the red yin tea tree with the tip of the leaf like a crane's mouth. When Emperor Song was chased by Yuan soldiers, he fled south to Chaozhou. As a result, the folks produced and circulated the story of "Song Emperor passed through Wuyu Mountain and was unbearably thirsty.

The mountain people offered red Yin tea soup, and after drinking it, he praised it as a good tea". Therefore, later generations called it Song tea; There is even a mythical legend that "the phoenix bird heard that the Song Emperor and others were thirsty, and gave tea with a tea branch in its mouth". Therefore, the name of "bird's mouth tea" was gradually called by the people.

Legends are legends. In fact, during the Southern Song Dynasty, the people of Phoenix Mountain had sporadically planted beak tea trees. Wudong Village not only grows beak tea trees, but also has a certain scale.

During the Hongzhi period of the Ming Dynasty, Fenghuang Dancong tea, which was produced in Daizhao Mountain, has become a tribute, and it is called 'Dai Zhao Tea'.待诏茶

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