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JunMei China-Jin Xiu Sheng Jing(锦绣胜境)Gift Box

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The Jin Xiu Sheng Jing Gift Boxis a collection of five unique black tea products, combining the regional characteristics of the four classic tea producing areas.The exquisite pull-out box with two small mini bags for you to taste the special black tea and enjoy different aromas.
The gift box is simple as a whole, but is printed with dark patterns. With low-key and elegant black as the keynote, and calligraphy to reflect the elegance of drinking tea, a cup of tea makes people feel like they are in the real place. The five types of tea in the box are independent in the small box, and the different packaging colors match the  bag color, making it an exquisite gift.

Net Weight: 44g (4g×2+3g×2+5g×6)
Grade: Top Grade
Tea Type: Black tea
Storage Method: Sealed and placed at room temperature, cool, dry, no peculiar smell, dark place.
How to brew?
It is recommended to use a covered bowl for brewing.
1. Add a bag of tea after warming the cup, shake gently to smell the tea aroma
2. Add 100°C water for brewing
3. 1-3 courses of soaking for 3-5s, then soaking for 5-10s, no more than 15s.

Product Details:
①Junmei China Ruyi Gold (Single Bud) 3g*2


Mini Bag 3g  

Tin 50g

Wooden Gift Box 100g

This section uses high-quality original ecological single bud raw materials from the top ten producing areas of Junmei China. The dry tea has a fat and tight shape, and the color is golden yellow and black, and the golden hair is obvious; the soup color is yellow and translucent, with golden circles; the fragrance of flowers, fruits and honey is delicate and pure, and lasts for a long time; Clear layers.

②Junmei China·Xiangxi Centennial Tribute Tea 4g*2

Package:Mini Bag 4g

This section comes from high-quality original ecological tea tree raw materials in Guzhang, Hunan. The dry tea has a firm shape and a black color; the soup color is bright orange and yellow; the fragrance is obvious floral honey fragrance; taste is sweet and smooth.

③Junmei China·Siqiu Old Tree Black Tea*2

Package:Mini Bag 5g

This tea is made from large-leaf tea trees grown in the high-altitude original ecology in Pu'an, Guizhou. There is also the cool feeling of old trees. It is a classic good tea showing the characteristics of Pu'an large-leaf black tea.

④Jun Mei China·Longcheng LanYun Xiang 5g*2

Package:Mini Bag 5g

This product is made of high-quality tea materials from Zhucheng, Shandong, with a distinctive peach fragrance, sweet and full of mouth.

⑤Junmei China·Xiao Shennongjia Wild Tea 4g*2


Mini Bag 4g

Tin 50g

Gift Box 200g

This section uses raw materials of one bud, three and four leaves of wild alpine tea tree in small shennongjia, Badong, Hubei Province. The raw materials are original and pollution-free.

Dyeing, combined with the innovative Junmei tea-making craft, it is a wild tea treasure that presents the unique grass and wood flavor of Xiaoshennongjia and the charm of Junmei black tea.

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The package is good, suitable for a gift, containing 4 kinds of teas.