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Teaset-Near-Mountain tea set (JinShan)

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Product Name:Near-Mountain teaset

Place of Origin:Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China


What is included in the tea set?

It consists of eight components: a near-mountain pot, a tea storage tank, 4 tea cups, a bamboo tea tray, and a gift box. (Not including the tea met in the picture)


Product Details:

White porcelain is famous for its "white as jade", especially the white porcelain in Jingdezhen and Dehua, which has formed a very complete industrial chain. This set of near-mountain tea sets is made of kaolin clay from Jingdezhen, which is made of white and transparent white porcelain, which is not only elegant and beautiful, but also can bring out the obvious color of the tea soup.

Near Mountain Pots and Porcelain Cups:

The porcelain is fine and dense, does not absorb fragrance and taste, and can restore the taste of the tea itself. And the design of the pot body is full of sense, with the upper and lower drums, the shape is like a bag, and it is small and cute. With a spherical filter inside, the tea leaves will not block the spout.

The wide belly of the teapot is conducive to the stretching of the tea leaves, and the small mouth of the teapot can keep the tea fragrance from being scattered. The design of the handle is convenient for brewing, which is very friendly to novices.

Tea Caddy:

Since tea has hygroscopicity, adsorption and oxidation, it needs to be protected from light, moisture, and odor during storage. This tea tin can meet all the conditions, and it is not only thick and sealed, but also easy to use. The tank body has a bamboo forest pattern design, which is calm and beautiful.

Tea Tray:

The tea tray can not only hold the tea set, but also can be used as part of the gift box. There is a tradition in China that "guests come to offer tea", and serving tea cups to guests on a tea tray is an expression of respect for guests.

Gift box:

Red symbolizes good luck and wealth in China. It is not interesting to take it as a gift from China.


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