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Chinese Tea Academy

 Why did we make this page of China Tea Academy?

Drinking tea can be a very simple matter. A 0.5g pack of Lapsang Souchong instant tea powder and 300ml of warm water can quickly replenish caffeine and refresh you when you are working.
Drinking tea can be full of a sense of ritual. Once you brew Jinjunmei, prepare a tea table, boil water, sanitary ware, warm cups, tureen for brewing, and drink tea, you can enjoy several hours of leisure time.In oriental culture.
Drinking tea can hold many cultural complexes. Drink a cup of lapsang souchong to taste the 400 years of precipitation, experience matcha, and feel the artistic experience that has been passed down from the Song Dynasty to the present. Tea has been associated with the life of self-cultivation and self-cultivation in oriental culture. Pursue together.
What our tea academy wants to do is to help you get a better tea drinking experience in different environments and moods, when drinking tea in a convenient or traditional way.

What&How about Chinese teas

What is?

Here you can get basic knowledge about Chinese tea classification, technology, tea tree varieties, history, etc.


How to?

How to taste different Chinese teas? How to use tea sets? How to preserve and identify tea easily?


What's new?

New products, changes and interesting tidbits about the tea industry at lapsangstore



Recent Blogs

七夕--一起饮茶去啦! - Lapsangstore


Aug 19, 2021 Qing Yu

纤云弄巧,飞星传恨。 又是一年七夕。 农历七月七日,穿着新衣的少女要在庭院中向织女星乞求智巧,希望能得到心灵手巧的手艺。那么,茶与七夕又有何关联呢?明朝《七修类稿》记载:“种茶下子,不可移植,移植则不复生也…” 古人认为茶树“不可移植”,象征着爱情“坚贞不渝”…

金骏眉为什么能这么甜? - Lapsangstore


Aug 12, 2021 Qing Yu

许多茶友疑惑,金骏眉为什么能这么甜?难道是加了糖吗? 红茶的甜,主要源自于内质的糖类物质和氨基酸,糖类物质负责甜感,氨基酸负责鲜爽感和甜感。茶树品种、生长环境、采摘标准和核心制作工艺都是影响一杯茶汤的因素…

春——一杯正山春茶的诞生 - Lapsangstore


Aug 06, 2021 Qing Yu

正山春茶,需集齐天时地利人和,只为一杯“清香甘”的武夷春韵。 它是自然的馈赠,也是茶人共同的春天。优越的环境条件是生产优质茶叶的基础,鲜叶采摘质量的好坏也是决定成茶品质优劣的重要因素。萎凋、揉捻、发酵、干燥,金骏眉的秘密就隐藏在这一颗颗春日茶芽之中…