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Zheng Shan Tang 「Song-Feng-Ya-Yun宋风雅韵」Limited Edition Box- Fei Zi Xiao

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The raw Fei zi xiao is 1 bud 2 leaves of the excellent high-mountain tea in Wuyi National Nature Reserve. It tastes mellow, sweet,and fresh, lasting aftertaste. To fully reflect the sweet nature of this tea,we named it after a Tang dynasty poem that described "A steed which raised red dust won the fair mistress”smiles.How many steeds which brought her lychee died on the run! ".Because of its strong and natural lychee aroma,it has become one of the best-selling products of Zheng Shan Tang.

This packaging uses the "Queen of Butterflies" Golden Spotted Papilio(Teinopalpus aureus金斑喙凤蝶) as a design element,which is a very precious butterfly species in the world and ranks first among the eight most precious butterflies in the world.

In the Song Dynasty, green was a symbol of status, showing nobility and elegance. Just as the concubine smiles gracefully, the unique lychee fragrance is fragrant and pleasant.

Limited Edition Tin: 50 Gram / 1.76 Ounce

Limited Edition Gift Box: 100Gram (50 Gram*2)/ 3.53 Ounce

Grade: Top Grade.

Picking Standard: 1 Bud 2 leaves.

Type: Black Tea.

Origin: Tongmuguan,Wuyi Mountain.

Dry Tea: Black and juicy.

Soup: Orange, bright, golden circle.

Aroma: Obvious fruity aroma.

Taste: Mellow, sweet and fresh in the mouth with a lasting sweet aftertaste.

Wet Tea: Bright and stretched.

Storage method: Sealed and placed at room temperature, cool, dry, no peculiar smell, dark place.

How to brew?

It is advisable to use a covered bowl for brewing.

1.Add 3g of tea after warming the cup and smell the tea aroma.

2.Prepare pure water around 95°C.

3.1-4 course rush out, do not soak for a long time.5-7 courses soak for 5-10s, 7-10 courses about 15s. The more times of brewing, the longer the soaking time, in order to ensure the stability of the tea soup. 

Click here for more detailed brewing guide

-Other Pakaing-

Mini Bag: 3 Gram/ 0.10 Ounce

Tin: 50 Gram/ 1.76 Ounce

Simple Fashion Style Luxury Gift Box:100 Gram(50 Gram*2)/ 3.53 Ounce

Flowery Luxury Gift Box:200 Gram (100 Gram*2)/ 7.05 Ounce

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