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Yuan Zheng-Mountain Spirit(山灵)Series Big Tree DianHong(大树滇红)75g Tin

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The raw materials come from the Menghai production area in Xishuangbanna西双版纳, Yunnan. The ancient tea gardens are almost wild. The tea trees are tall and dense, can only be picked manually. After brewing, the sweet and honey aroma of large leaf species appears, and the tea soup is smooth and mellow. Compared with traditional Dianhong tea, this tea is sweeter, less sour, and more fragrant and more individual than Souchong black tea. It is worth a try.

Retail price in China:¥108

Net weight:  56g/Box(4g*14)

Grade: 1 Grade

Type: Black tea

Picking Standard: Leaves

Picking Time: Spring 2022

Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian

Dry tea: Black

Aroma: Peach fragrance

Soup:Orange and translucent

Taste: Mellow and sweet

Wet tea: Uniform

Storage method: Sealed and placed at room temperature, cool, dry, no peculiar smell, dark place.

How to brew?
It is advisable to use a covered bowl for brewing.
1. Add 4g of tea after warming the cup and smell the tea aroma
2. Add 90℃ water to brew
3.1-3 soak for 3-5s, then soak for 5-10s, no more than 15s

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