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「Yanyu」Three and Two Series・Longevity Wuyi Rock Tea

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Three and Two·Longevity

Product Name: Yanyu·Sanliang·Longevity

Net content: 8.5g

Raw materials and origin: The core production area of ​​Wuyi rock tea in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian - Three pit and two stream

Why is it called three and two?

Wuyi rock tea is loved by many tea lovers because of its unique taste. Later, it is divided into core production areas, Zhengyan (meaning the core region) production areas, Banyan (meaning half core region) production areas and other areas according to climate and environment. Jian (Huiyuan pit, Niulan pit, Daoshui pit, Liuxiang stream, Wuyuan stream) has a superior geographical environment and is the most core and most famous production area. It is precisely because the raw materials of tea trees come from "three pits and two streams", hence the name "three and two".

The annual output of rock tea in the core production area is limited, and the production process is even more refined, and it is very precious. It can be said to be a rare tea.

How does it taste?

There are three types of rock tea in the three and two series. They are longevity, Honest, and backbone. They are different in style and have their own characteristics. (Click here to view Three and Two·Honest) (Click here to view Three and Two·Backbone)

The long-term raw material is mainly narcissus tea tree, which has a huge root system and is rich in absorbing substances.

Therefore, its tea soup is particularly mellow, smooth and long, and it is definitely a tea that can surprise you.

Appearance: Tightly knotted, blue-brown color

Soup color: orange

Aroma: Fruity, Sweet, Orchid

Taste: faint floral and fruity fragrance, long-lasting fragrance, obvious floral fragrance after six courses, sweet taste

How to brew?

① Warm the bowl with hot water, put in 8.5g of tea, shake it with your wrist, and smell its dry tea aroma (fruity, sweet)

②Use hot water above 98°C, pour it into the bowl, and don't pour the water too quickly.

③After 1-3 water injections, the soup will come out immediately, do not soak.

④ 4-6 courses of soaking for 5-10s, then prolong the soaking time according to the soup color, can brew 7-8 courses.

⑤ During the period, you can smell the cup lid fragrance (flower and fruit fragrance, sweet fragrance) and the fragrance in the teacup (flower fragrance, sweet fragrance) ⑥You can save the first tea to drink at the end, and you will have a different feeling.

It tastes better when brewed in a purple clay pot:

Zisha is a porous material with a double pore structure, which has a good thermal insulation effect, which can reduce the irritation when entering the tea, highlight the mellowness and thickness of the tea soup, and is especially suitable for brewing rock tea and Pu'er (click here to view the Zisha teapot- Dabin circle button)



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