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「Yanyu」Rock Tea・Old Fir Narcissus(老枞水仙)51g

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Net Weight: 51g/Box

Product Infor:

Product: Old Fir Narcissus

Net weight: 51g

Ingredients: One bud and three or four leaves from the Wuyi Mountain core production area - Narcissus tea tree

What is Old Fir?

Usually, we call 30 years old tea tree as Fir, 30-60 years old tea tree as High Fir, 60 years old or more as Old Fir, and over 100 years old as 100 years old aged fir.

Old fir tea trees have something in common, they will have a "fir flavor".

And, what is fir flavor?

Fir flavor is the "mossy", "woody" and "dumpling leaf" flavor in the tea soup and fragrance. The mossy flavor is because the tea tree grows in a humid environment all year round, and the trunk is covered with moss, which naturally absorbs the fragrance of moss. The woody smell is due to the aging of the tea tree, presenting the original smell of the tree. The dumpling leaf fragrance is created by the environment the tea tree is in, and will occasionally appear in good quality tea. If you want to try the taste of black tea made from 100 years old fir, you can click here (Zheng Shan Tang - 100 years old fir black tea)


Why Old Fir Narcissus? Is there no old fir cinnamon?

First of all, Narcissus is a small tree species and Cinnamon is a shrub species, they are different. Small trees grow upwards, and their trunks grow taller and thicker, producing a "fir flavor".

On the other hand, shrubs grow horizontally and have limited vitality, and will become senile in 8-10 years. Secondly, the tastes of the two tea trees are different. Narcissus pursues the richness of the tea soup, and the older the tree is, the more mellow and soft the taste is.

Cinnamon pursues the spiciness and high aroma of the tea soup.
The tea tree must be pruned regularly to keep the tea tree fresh and young.

How is the taste?

Dry tea: dark brown and fat

Taste: orange-red and bright soup color, mellow and soft taste, woody and dumpling leaf aroma with orchid fragrance

Wet Leaf: brown and thick

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