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2022Top Grade Guzhang Maojian (古丈毛尖)Pre-Qingming Green Tea 50g Tin

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One of the representative green teas in China. Produced in Guzhang, Hunan, it has the aroma of chestnut, and the tea buds are natural and full.

Picking time: March (Pre-Qingming Spring Tea)

Net Weight: 50g/Tin

Grade:Top Grade

Origin: Guzhang, Hunan

Dry tea:Pekoe is full, Green

Fragrance: Chestnut Fragrance

Soup: Bright green

Taste: Fresh and sweet

Wet tea:Tea buds are full and complete, tender green

Storage method: Store in a cool, dry, dark place. For long-term storage, it is recommended to place it below 0°C to keep the green tea fresh.

How to brew?

1. Put 3g of tea first, add 1/3 of 85-90℃ water to immerse the tea leaves, shake gently to smell the tea aroma.

2. Refill the water to full, wait for 2-3 minutes for the tea leaves to stretch before drinking.

More About Guzhang Maojian Green Teas:

Why is it called Guzhang Maojian?

Maofeng tea: dry tea has many hairs, which are strip-shaped and curly.

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Maojian tea: more delicate than Maofeng tea, with a slightly curly strip shape.

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This tea is made of one bud and one leaf from Guzhang County, Wuling Mountains, Hunan Province, to make "Maojian Green Tea", hence the name "Guzhang Maojian", which is known as "Treasure in Tea".

Where is Guzhang?

 Hunan Guzhang County is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and the hinterland of Wuling Mountain. The Wuling Mountains in Guzhang are covered with high mountains and deep valleys, lush forests, gurgling streams, shrouded clouds, abundant rainfall, mild climate, fertile soil, and rich phosphorus. It is the world's "golden industry belt" for tea, and tea is rich in nutrients. 

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 How does it taste?

If there is a tea that is irreplaceable for Hunan people in spring, then Guzhang Maojian must be one of them.
Maojian is made through three frying and two kneading, eight processes, and the process is complicated, but this tea has excellent craftsmanship and does not have the common problems of fried green tea (paste pot or burnt edge), but maintains a very complete and natural tea bud, and the aroma is high and fragrant. . Emerald green and many centimeters, buds and leaves are young.


When brewing Maojian, first soak the tea leaves with water, shake it gently, and the aroma of the full cup pours into the nostrils. Use 85-90 ℃ water to brew, and the tea leaves will stretch immediately. Carefully observe that the tea buds are very fresh, even and green. To make a pound of such tea leaves, at least 60,000 buds are required, and they must be hand-picked. The amino acids in Pekoe also increase the freshness and sweetness of the tea soup. It is a very clean and sweet green tea.

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Desmond LEMOON

清爽好喝新鲜 是纯正的绿茶味道