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2016 Golden Flower Beauty White Tea

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Brand: Lin Feiying. sub-brand of Zheng Shan Tang, made white tea only.

Product: 2016 Golden Flower Fuding White Tea

Net Weight: 90 Gram. 5g x 16

Ingredient: 2016 White Tea

What is Golden Flower?

Scientific name: Eurotium cristatum. One kind of probiotic, commonly known as the "golden flower". Used in Dark tea only.

Golden Flower White Tea Characteristic:

1. Turn the Soup Red:

"Golden Flower" can eliminate rough green taste, improve taste, and make tea soup reddish

2. Bacteria Floral Fragrance

A typical bacteria flower fragrance.

The aroma changes from fresh and astringent to an aging tea fragrance.

The astringent taste fades.

3. Taste Mellow:

Reduce the astringency and freshness of fresh white tea.

Turning it into mellow and smooth.

4. Can be brewed for more times:

Golden flower white tea leaves thick and fat, has unkneaded and fermented flower variegated colors, durable and foam resistant.

5. Healthier.

Not Only reduce the inner heat but also smooth the intestines, help digestion, soften blood vessels, prevent cardiovascular disease, nourish and protect the liver, hangover, etc.



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
성탄 박

Pretty good
Reasonable price


괜찮은 백차
향 70점 맛 75점
가성비 좋음
백차가 처음이신분들 추천 드립니디ㅡ