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Crescent moon green tea cup 400ml

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Material: high borosilicate glass

Craft: Handmade

Capacity: 400ml

Size:Diameter 65mm, Height 134mm

People like to appreciate the beautiful shape and color of the tea buds in the tea soup when drinking green tea, so the glass brewing method is especially popular in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. This unique ornamental property allows us to see the delicate tea leaves gradually stretch, rise and fall under the infiltration of water, which is extremely beautiful.

Glass cups have a wide range of applicability. In addition to green tea, tea with tenderness and high aroma can be brewed in glass cups, such as Fenghuang Dancong, Wuyi Yancha and other oolong teas. Take 1-2g into boiling water, and the entrance is fragrant. The taste is elegant and unique.

The easiest way to drink tea, you don't need to know Zisha or Gaiwan, and you don't need to learn the brewing method, just put tea and add water, it is a good cup of tea.

This tea cup is specially designed for drinking tea. The filter mouth eliminates the trouble of drinking tea residues, and it can be easily rinsed. Details are intimate.

There is also a glass crescent cup(Has handle) optional, click the link to view


This teacup is made of high borosilicate glass, Handmade.What is borosilicate glass?)

Not only twice as thick as similar products, but also very heat resistant.

Brittleness and weight are far less than glass containing a lot of lead and zinc, and no toxic side effects.

It is an important material for making beakers, test tubes and other instruments.

Because of this, the teacup is light and smooth, making it safer to use.



▶Because the product is hand-fired, there will be very small differences in size and shape.And in the process of hand blowing, the glass is in contact with the air, and there are occasional fine air bubbles, but it does not affect the use and aesthetics.

This is a characteristic of handmade products, which is normal and unavoidable. Please be fully informed before purchasing.

Glass is fragile and has a long transportation journey. If the tea set is damaged when you receive it, please contact us (lapsangstore@gamil.com) in time, and we will reissue it for free.

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