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Pu Long Hao璞龙号-Nine-process Dried Tangerine Peel (Jiu Zhi Chen Pi )Ripe Pu‘er Tea 500g Can

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Tangerine Ripe Pu‘er Tea is made from Xinhui Citrus, a specialty of Xinhui, Guangdong Province, and Yunnan Pu'er loose-ripe tea. The shape of Tangerine Pu‘er tea is special. Pu‘er tea can absorb the fruity aroma of citrus peel for a long time. When brewing, it has a rich floral and old fragrance. The entrance is sweet, with a special fruity aroma and a unique flavor. In addition,tangerine Ripe Pu`er tea also has the functions of lowering lipids and losing weight, lowering blood pressure and blood lipids, reducing phlegm and relieving cough, and longer depositary, better the effect.

Retail price in China: ¥980

Can: 500 g / 17.6 oz

Production time: August 28, 2020

Shelf life: suitable for long-term storage under specified storage conditions.

Origin: Xinhui, Jiangmen, Guangdong Province/ Lincang, Yunnan Province

Grade: Top Grade

Type: Reprocessed tea (Ripe Pu‘er + Tangerine Peel)

Picking Standard: 1 bud 2-3 leaves/4-5cm Citrus Fruit

Dry tea: Green mandarin is small and round, dry tea is black and even

Soup:Dark red, clear and translucent.

Aroma: Fruity aroma.

Taste: Mellow and sweet.

Wet tea: Reddish brown evenly, citrus peel thick.

Storage method: placed at room temperature, cool, dry, no peculiar smell, dark place.

How to brew?

  1. The whole brew. Poke the lid of the tangerine, put the whole grain together with the lid directly into the cup, brew with 100 ℃ water, and let the substances in the tea dissolve slowly. 1-2 courses of soaking for 15s, 3-10 courses of soaking for 10s, and then soaking for about 30-60s according to the color of tea soup. It can be brewed for more than 20 times, and it is very resistant to foaming.
  2. Crushing and brewing. Break the green mandarin into small pieces, brew with 100 ℃ water, and completely release the flavor of tea in a short time.Brewing quickly, and soak for 5-10s per course.
  3. Drilling and brewing. Use a tea needle to drill a few small holes around and at the bottom of the tangerine, and then pour it into 100 ℃ water. Soak for 10-15s per course, and prolong the soaking time according to the color of tea soup. (No matter which brewing method you choose, the first brew should be poured out, so that tea residues would be washed away, and the tea flavor be awakene

What is tangerine?

Tangerine is one of the types of citrus tea, which refers to the peel processed by harvesting the fruit when the peel is not colored and physiologically immature. Generally, it is the citrus picked from July to September. The citrus peel during this period is matched with Yunnan Pu‘er tea.The product processed by a specific process is called “Xiaoqinggan”(小青柑).

The "white frost" of tangerine: tangerine Pu'er tea will produce "citrus oil crystals" during the aging process, commonly known as "white frost", because the natural color of the green mandarin fruit has a high content of aromatic oil, and it is exposed to sunlight or low-temperature baking process. "White frost" is a phenomenon unique to high-quality tangerine Pu'er tea, so please drink it with confidence. (The difference between mildew and hoarfrost is that hoarfrost is not easy to wipe off, and will not fall off when wiped by hand.)

Why use this packaging?

Exquisite tin can for external use, double-sealed to lock in the aroma of tea. Individually packaged one by one, small and exquisite. Packed with cotton paper, moisture-proof and moisture-absorbing.

Where do the raw materials come from?

The tea comes from the PuLongHao Iceland tea base, and the dry warehouse has been stored for ten years for the production of ripe pu'er loose tea. The taste is mellow.

Green citrus comes from Xinhui, Guangdong, the core production area. The 4-5cm citrus fruit with uniform size is selected and hand-picked in the season. The surface is smooth and contains a variety of nutrients.

What is the production process of citrus tea?

This product adopts the nine-process production: Regular picking→Screening size→Cleaning citrus→Opening and de-meat→Drying→Hand-filled tea→Low temperature drying→Sunshine drying→Packaging and sealing.

 Compared with high-temperature baking, low-temperature baking has a longer time and a slightly higher cost, but it maintains a certain transition space in the middle and late stages. Low-temperature baking has a shorter time than sunshine drying. The advantage is that it is easy to control and does not need to bear the risk of various weather changes during drying.

Low-temperature roasting has the advantages of enhancing aroma, completely drying, and maintaining specificity, and has a much better taste than citrus roasted at high temperature. It is a roasting process often used by manufacturers who pursue quality today.


Chen Pi Ripe Pu‘er Tea

Green Mandarin Pu'er

Green Orange Fruit Black Tea


 Top Grade

 1 Grade

 1 Grade

Tea raw materials

Yunnan Iceland has been aged for ten years

Yunnan Brown Mountain 6-year-old cooked Pu

Yunnan Black Tea

Tangerine peel raw materials

Guangdong Xinhui

Low temperature baking (9 steps)

Guangdong Xinhui

Sun drying

Guangdong Xinhui

Low temperature baking + sun drying


Sweet, plump, moisturizing

Fresh, sweet and refreshing, slightly astringent

Sweet and mellow floral and fruity aroma

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행사로 온 한알을 마셔보았다. 생각했던 상큼한 맛과 달라서 놀랐지만 고급스러운 맛이 난다