China is the hometown of tea and the first country in the world to discover, cultivate and use tea. In the long production practice, various types of famous teas have been created in various places in China, with different shapes and different characteristics. Jin Junmei is a famous tea that was developed and put on the market in 2005, which is awe-inspiring to the world and highly respected by literati, industry professionals and consumers.

(1) Jin Junmei is a rookie of black tea

The world's black tea originates from the Zhengshan race. Jinjunmei is a fully fermented tea. It is a rising star of black tea and is in the same vein as the Zhengshan race.

From the perspective of material technology, Jin Junmei has experienced the procedures of withering, twisting, fermentation, and drying. It is the same as the black tea production process; from the perspective of dry tea color, Jin Junmei has changed from the gray and black of the Zhengshan race to the golden and black. From the perspective of aroma, Jin Junmei changed from the pine smoke of Zhengshan race to an elegant flower and honey comprehensive fragrance; from the color of soup, Jin Junmei changed from agate red of Zhengshan race to lively gold Yellow, it is compatible, it combines high-quality rock tea with the characteristics of Zhengshan race.

(2) Jin Junmei is an improved innovation of Zhengshan race

As a special tea in black tea, Zhengshan Xiaozhong has a long history and profound heritage. In the long production practice, it has formed the initial production process from green tea, withering, twisting, fermentation, red pot, double kneading, smoking and reheating, and then to grading and stacking, Mao tea pile, water roasting , Sieving, air sorting, sorting, baking, uniform stacking, refined product finishing process. The unique production process makes Zhengshan Xiaozhong suitable for mixing with milk, ice cream and other substances for mixing and drinking. Due to the heavy taste and high strength of the tea, the Chinese people's habit of drinking tea is mainly based on clear drinks. Therefore, it has been mainly exported to Western countries for a long time, and domestic sales are extremely limited. Therefore, in Wuyishan, the origin of the Zhengshan race is "produced domestically, bought overseas".

  As a rising star of black tea, Jin Junmei highlights the health care function of black tea. Through the subversive improvement and innovation of the traditional Zhengshan race, it changed the traditional Zhengshan race's "thick, red, bitter, and astringent" foreign trade taste and flavor. The type of flavor and flavor maximizes and releases the content of theaflavin, a black tea pharmacological health substance.

Theaflavins are products formed after oxidative polymerization of catechins. It is an effective free radical scavenger and antioxidant, with anti-cancer, anti-mutation, bacteriostatic, anti-viral, improve and treat cardiovascular, diabetes and other physiological functional diseases. In recent years, the medical value and health care function of theaflavins have been known.

Theaflavin content is positively correlated with black tea quality, soup color, brightness and saturation. In the presence of oxidation, catechin rapidly undergoes enzymatic oxidation, producing catechin o-quinone. The o-quinone substance quickly polymerizes again, gradually producing theaflavins; theaflavins are further oxidized to produce theaflavins; theaflavins are further oxidized and polymerized with amino acids and other substances, and finally form theaflavins. Tea brownin content is negatively correlated with black tea quality. Therefore, in the production process, every effort should be made to avoid the production of excessive theaflavins.

I did not say that Jin Junmei is an improved innovation of Zhengshan race, which is reflected in the drinking concept, the flavor and taste of tea, and also includes the improved innovation in picking, processing, and production techniques.

Judging from the picking standard, the Zhengshan race uses one bud, two and three leaves of the tea tree in spring and summer as raw materials; Jin Junmei has a high picking standard, and only picks the single bud of the first spring in the year.

From the perspective of processing technology, Zhengshan's small breeds have two processes of "over red pot" and smoke roasting, and the tea products have a strong pine smoke aroma; Jin Junmei has eliminated these two processes, and the tea products have elegant flowers Fruity, no pine smoke.

From the perspective of production process, Zhengshan race uses conventional fermentation technology to convert a large proportion of theaflavins into thearubins. Due to the high proportion of thearubins, the color of the tea soup is thick red, similar to longan soup; Jin Junmei uses artificial oxygenation, heating, hanging fermentation technology, and the tea polyphenols are oxidized to theaflavin to the maximum extent, so the tea soup color golden. Lively and bright, the "golden circle" is generous, the taste is fresh and the flower smell is special.

Therefore, it can be said that without "Zhengshan Race", there would be no Jin Junmei.

(3) Jin Junmei is the product of excellent ecological environment

Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, because the main peak Huanggang Mountain can resist the cold current in the north and the warm ocean in the south, has formed a unique natural climate environment. The mountains here are densely forested, the soil is fertile, the soil is deep, and the nutrients are complete; there is no severe winter, the summer is cool, the clouds are foggy, warm and rainy; the sunrise is late, the sunset is early, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the ecological environment is good; it is Fujian Province The region with the lowest temperature, the highest precipitation, the highest relative humidity, and the most foggy days meets all the conditions required for the growth of tea.

"Alpine clouds produce good tea." Tongmu tea leaves are scattered among the mountainous mountains of the nature reserve. They grow vigorously and have a long life cycle; they have good tenderness, buds are strong, and nitrogen metabolism is strong; catechins, amino acids, and directional substances The content is high; compared with the tea leaves grown in ordinary tea mountains, the proportion of ester catechins and gallic catechins is higher, which is unmatched by other tea mountains.

Jinjunmei, which has always been made from raw materials, has a slender and tight knot compared to tea made from tea grown under normal environmental conditions. . After drinking, you can refresh your heart and lungs, as if you are in the coolness of the virgin forest on a summer day. It takes 150,000 buds to produce a kilogram of Jinjunmei, and 75 skilled female tea pickers need to pick one day at a time.

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