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Ru Ware-Ruyi Tasting Cup

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What is Ru ware?

Ru wareJu ware, or "Ru official ware" (Chinese: 汝窑) is a famous and extremely rare type of Chinese pottery from the Song dynasty, produced for the imperial court for a brief period around 1100.

Nowadays common Ru ware is divided into two categories: one is the studio of Taiwanese artist such as 蔡晓芳(晓芳窑), he is a legend who learn a lot from the Taipei Palace Museum. And the second is made in Jingde Zhen, known as the most Porcelain Capital of China, some famous Ru ware brand such as Qingdan青澹、Dongdao东道 and Liu Qinying’s Tianyu Yao(刘钦莹的天予窑).

Ru ware is famous for its light azure color and cracks on the surface, so if you use a ru ware surface as daily teaware, the crack would slowly grow and it is amazing.

What is the grade of our Ru ware?

Due to its complex skill, the famous brand ru ware are expensive, more than $500 for a usual teacup.

Our Ru ware teacups are not so famous brand but you can still figure the special beauty and the growing crack. It is suitable for new beginners.

Keep your teacup clean after drinking teas.

Customer Reviews

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sang yuanheng
Love this

Did I say that I love the new Ru yao teaware I got from @lapsangstore?(Gai wan & teacup in my hand)

Thank you for your comments~~Lin Feiying is a sub brand of ZhengShanTang , It was founded by the ZhengShanTang and Lin Feiying(Lin Feiying is the inheritor of Fuding white tea intangible cultural heritage)