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正山精選・緑茶・2022一級明前・蒙頂甘露 ミニバッグ 3g

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9 reviews

Basic Info About Green Tea

Green tea belongs to non-fermented tea and is the most productive type of tea in China. Green tea is produced in 20 tea-producing regions across the country. The basic process of green tea is divided into three steps: fixing, rolling, and drying.A cup of green tea every day wakes up the taste buds with a fresh taste, helps us speed up our metabolism, relieve tiredness and lose weight.


Brewing: water temperature | 85°C (185°F) amount of tea | 3g utensils | glass/covered bowl

Steep time: Glass 2min, Gaiwan 10-15s

Production process: picking | fixing | rolling | drying

Benefits: Lose weight | Protect blood vessels | Anti-aging | Remove bad breath

Storage: refrigerated at low temperature | sealed | protected from light | protected from humidity | no peculiar

Smell Taste: Fresh | Fresh | Sweet | Floral | Bean Fragrance

The brewing water temperature is 85°C (185°F), pure water is better. Put 2-3g of tea in a tureen or water cup, steep the tureen for 10 seconds, and drink it after 2 minutes of steeping in the cup. It is also very popular to drink after soaking in cold water/ice water for 2-4 hours.
For a more detailed brewing guide, please check:



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Ten Famous Green Teas in China

West Lake Long Jing (Dragon Well)

China's most famous green tea, produced in the authentic core West Lake production area of the premium Longjing, has a sweet taste and a long floral fragrance.

Xinyang Maojian

One of the representative green teas in China. Produced in Xinyang, Hunan, it has a unique aroma of chestnut, and the buds are fresh and tender.

Guzhang Maojian

One of the representative green teas in China. Produced in Guzhang, Hunan, it has the aroma of chestnut, and the tea buds are natural and full.

Lu'an Guapian

The only green tea without buds and stems, made with only leaves. Produced in Lu'an, Anhui, it has a seaweed fragrance. After soaking, the leaves stretch, which is very beautiful.

Anji Bai

It is called white tea because the tea tree appears white in the early days. The amino acid content is the highest in green tea, and it has a special freshness.

Enshi Yulu

The only green tea in China that remains steam-fixed is from Enshi, Hubei.It is made the same way as Japanese green tea. The trace element "selenium" in tea is high in content, which can prevent cancer. Fresh taste.

Taiping Houkui

Taiping Houkui is made from one bud and two leaves. It is famous for its peculiar shape. It is a very special green tea with an orchid fragrance.


China's oldest curly (kneading) green tea, produced in Mengding Mountain, Sichuan, has a sweet taste like dew and an elegant aroma.

Ch'iao She

After brewing, the roots stand up like tea leaves and bamboos, green and dripping. Produced in Mount Emei, Sichuan, it has a sweet taste.

Huangshan Maofeng

One of the representative green teas in China. Produced in Huangshan, Anhui, it has the fragrance of orchid, and the tea buds are natural and full.

Lapsangstore Green Tea Sample "G"

There are hundreds of Chinese green teas. We have selected the top ten famous green teas, and we want everyone to taste the taste of Chinese green tea at once.

Grade: Top grade/ First Grade
Net weight: 31.5g/box
Origin: Sichuan Mengding Mountain, Sichuan Emei Mountain, Zhejiang Anji, Zhejiang Hangzhou, Henan Xinyang, Anhui Lu'an, Anhui Huangshan, Hunan Guzhang, Hubei Enshi.
Category: Contains top ten famous teas in China: West Lake Longjing, Mengding Ganlu, Que Tong, Xinyang Maojian, Anji White Tea, Guzhang Maojian, Huangshan Maofeng, Enshi Yulu, Lu'an Guapian, Taiping Houkui
Storage method: Store in a cool, dry and dark place. For long-term storage, it is recommended to place it below 0°C to keep the green tea fresh.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
BooGwi Yeom
금준미 홍차 클래식

맛.향.색에 홀딱 반합니다.
중국홍차가 이렇게 훌륭할줄이야ㅋ
영국홍차보다 더 맛나요


얼음냉침하면 청포도사탕같은 맛이 나요 맛있어요

Hyerim S.
감칠맛과 단맛이 뛰어난 차입니다.

한국 사람으로서는 이 가격에 이 정도의 녹차를 마실 수 있다는 게 믿기지 않을 정도입니다. 감로라는 이름처럼 신선하면서도 단맛이 강하고, 감칠맛도 폭발하고, 복합향이 강렬하게 올라옵니다. 맛과 향 면에서 처음부터 끝까지 꽉찬 강렬한 경험을 할 수 있습니다. 배송도 좋고, 같이 판매하는 컵도 차를 우리기에 훌륭합니다. 빛이 예쁠 뿐더러 아래쪽이 두꺼워 잡고 잔에 옮겨 따르기 좋습니다.

Enjoying cups of Mengding ganlu

I heard the name, Zhengshandang , among people enjoying tea that your store is well known for oriental-style tea. I've experienced a spark of joy amid my ordinary life because of some cups of tea. I realized the value of Tiwan tea and I'll continue to visit your store.

정심 박

First Picking 2021 Mengding Ganlu(蒙顶甘露) Green Tea

A fresh, lovely tea

First time drinking this tea - sweet, delicate, fresh and smooth, great both as hot tea and cold brew :)

끝맛에 단 맛이 나는 여린 녹차

만족해요 정말 어리고 순한 녹차에 향은 좋고 끝맛에 단 느낌이 스칩니다 같이 산 컵은 배송누락으로 엄청 늦게 왔지만 이중컵에 산 모양도 독특하고 차를 마실 때 운치가 있어요 만족합니다

Youngbo Sim

Lapsangstore Selected-2021 Mengding Ganlu(蒙顶甘露) Green Tea Mini Bag

yongjun yoo

Lapsangstore Selected-2021 Mengding Ganlu(蒙顶甘露) Green Tea Mini Bag