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Junmei China 4 Tins Collection

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Net weight: 

200 Gram / 6.94 Ounce

Include: 4 Tin boxes of Junmei China

1 x Junmei China Golden 50 Gram 

1 x Junmei China Yahei 50 Gram 

1 x Junmei China Elegant Red 50 Gram 

1 x Junmei China Moca 50 Gram



Where does tea come from?

It culminates the top nine major black tea-producing regions.

Combine with the Jin Jun Mei craft, blend of different local black tea characteristics into one flavor Junmei China.

Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province. 

Huangshan, Anhui Province.

Gaoligong Mountain, Yunnan Province.

Pu'an county, Guizhou Province,

Guzhang. Hunan province.

Xinyang, Henan Province.

Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province.

Ya'an, Sichuan Province.

Badong, Hubei province.

Caffeine: Caffeinated

Brewing Guide:  

100°C (212°F) Water

Porcelain or Glass Cup Better

3-5 Gram per 150 milliliters

The first three cups of tea sit in boiling water for 5-10s, and better not to be exceeded over 10s for the next 4-10 cups.

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