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Zhengshantang Hanfen Non-Smoked Lapsang Souchong Gift Box

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Product: Zhengshantang Hanfen

Net Weight: 150g(75*2)

Raw material and origin: one bud, two or three leaves of Souchong tea tree in Wuyi Mountain National Nature Reserve, Fujian

Hanfen is a new product launched this year, which uses authentic, core producing area of Lapsang Souchong tea tree raw materials, and is made with Zheng Shan Tang's innovative process to create a premium black tea with Jujube, honey, and floral aroma.

What is Hanfen(含芬)?

The word "Hanfen" is first taken from the ancient poem "Fang Shu - Wei Pi Fang Shu"《芳树·蔚彼芳树》 by Ming Dynasty poet Liu Ji (character Bo Wen): "含华吐芬,嘤鸣满枝。"

"Hanhua含华" refers to the tea leaves after repeated polishing, fine craftsmanship, thick and thin, so that people taste unforgettable, can not bear to swallow, let the fragrance of tea slowly flow between the teeth, permeated with date honey flower fragrance aftertaste, long and lingering.

"吐芬" refers to the product only after a long time of "Hanhua" will form a good "吐芬", tea soup taste good, like a flower blooming angrily, tea fragrance curl, fragrance overflowing.

How is the taste?

Appearance: dark color with golden buds

Soup color: orange-yellow and bright, with golden rings

Aroma: Jujube honey flower aroma, unique and long-lasting.

Taste: honey fragrance in the mouth, with the aroma of jujube flowers, full of flavor, lasting sweetness, cheek fragrance


What is the design concept of the gift box?

Design elements: The "Golden Tiger" is the main design element, and the traditional Chinese folk art of paper cutting is used to portray the image of the Golden Tiger with tea. At the same time, it is integrated into the environment of the tea mountain, vividly showing the beautiful mood of the golden tiger exhaling the fragrance of the tea flowing between the tongues of the beast. In addition, the two sides of the tea can are engraved with leaping carp, which symbolizes smoothness, festivity, and prosperity in China, signifying that this tea is red-hot, welcoming good fortune.

Gift box material: this gift box is made of velvet + hot stamping + silk-screen printing process, hot stamping font printed on the red box body, matte-like senior texture, solid wood velvet gift box in a festive and auspicious red, classic noble gold-tone, smooth lines, round and neat, soft and comfortable texture, gold and red reflect each other, the sense of holiday atmosphere dazzling and come.

Can: tin-plated tin cans, sealed and moisture-proof, conducive to storage, matte surface texture, soft color that shows a high-grade style.


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