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Guzhang Black Tea

High Mountain raises wild enviornment. With Mountain Spring, the good tea appears.
Guzhang Black Tea, according to the Hunan Tea History, as early as the Eastern Han Dynasty, Guzhang is located in the Wuling region has been listed as the country's famous tea production area. It has become a local custom and life style for mountain people to open a tea garden.

Guzhang   Black   Tea

All selected from more than 50 years tea tree,
pure organic without any addition.

Guzhang Black Tea

    The literature of the Western Jin Dynasty "Jingzhou Land Records" clearly records that "Wuling seven counties made the best tea." Historical documents show that the area where Guzhang was located at that time, not only produced tea, but also produced famous tea. The "New Tang Dynasty Book of Geography" is recorded as "Xizhou soil tribute tea buds." This not only proves that Guzhang produced high quality tea, but also had a history of royal tribute tea for thousands of years.

Picking Standard

Pure Bud Only

1 Bud with 1 Leaf

Leaves Only

Pure Bud Only

Long-lasting Flowery & Fruit Honey Fragrance.

1 Bud with 1 Leaf

Fragrant & Mellow, Unique Tea Experience.

Leaves Only

Smooth & Mellow, Rich Layers Taste.

Guzhang Mini Pack
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