Slim and compact in shapethe Jin Jun Mei black tea looks gloss in a golden and yellow color.

After brewing. the tea water looks transparent in orange yellow. It is famous with its rich aromas and flavors, including the hints of fruithoney and flower fragrant. And the mouth feel remains rich and sweet even after twelve times of brewing; After drinking, the aromas of the tea remain in the bottom of teacup, which will change simultaneously with the teacup temperature and time period.

In 2005, Mr. Jiang Yuanxun used the bud head tea leaves from the high mountain tea trees in Tongmu Village, located in Wuyi Mountains National Natural Reserve. And through technique innovation based on the four hundred years of traditional Lapsang Souchong culture and techniquesMr.Jiang and his team developed the top-grade black tea—Jin Jun Mei.

The found of Jin Jun Mei fuels the buying upsurge of black teapromotes the development of the whole black tea industry, and drives the recovery of the black tea industry in China. The found of Jin Jun Mei is an overall revolution in the black tea making techniques, tasting method and professional identification etc. Moreover, it completely changes the characters of traditional black tea, noted for “strong, black, bitter and astringent”, and takes China black tea to a brand new development stage.


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