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Chinese Teaism, how to taste black tea in a traditional way

Take black tea as an example, to explain the eight steps of the dry brewing method, which are preparation, sanitary ware, tea appreciation, cast tea, washing tea, brewing tea, serving tea and collecting utensils.
prepare tea sets
\ Prepare \
The tea set of the dry brewing method mainly includes the tea ceremony group (also known as the six gentlemen of the tea ceremony), pot holder (that is, utensils for holding bowls and fair cups), bowls (pots can also be used), fair cups, casual brewing, water bowls, filters and tea cups .

clean tea set
\ Clean \
It should be noted here that there are two ways to wash tea cups in the dry bubble method.
One is to directly pour water into the set teacup, and the other is to use a teaclip to clamp the teacup above the water bowl for sanitary ware.
It is better to choose the second one in the dry foam method. Remember to clip in the cup when holding the cup, and do n’t lift your arm too high! And each tea cup should be dipped on the tea towel to keep the table dry.
After the sanitary ware is finished, please remember to put the tea cup back into the saucer.

appreciate tea
\ Appreciate tea\
Seeing the shape and color of tea and smelling the aroma of dried tea are mainly for guests.
tossing tea
\ Tossing tea \
A teaspoon in the tea ceremony group is needed to divide the tea leaves into brewing vessels. According to the number of people drinking tea and taste to add or subtract tea as appropriate.

washing tea
\ Washing tea \
Rinse the boiling water into the bowl and immediately pour it into the water bowl. The tea washing process is over. Washing tea is also called quick-run tea, and it's ready to wash out. Some good quality tea leaves can be skipped here.

bubble tea
\ Bubble tea\
After washing the tea, it is time to make tea. The water temperature of black tea is generally 100 degrees of boiling water, and the soup can be produced in about 5 seconds.
When the soup comes out, the thumb and middle finger pinch the edge of the bowl, the index finger rests on the lid, and a gap is left between the lid and the cup to allow the tea soup to flow out smoothly.

serve tea
\ Serve Tea \
After making tea, you should serve tea. Remember that the order of serving tea is from right to left. Although everyone is equal when drinking tea, on certain occasions, it is still necessary to distinguish the identity difference, high status People have priority.

\ Storage \
After drinking the tea, the last step is to collect the utensils, discard the tea leaves that have been drunk, and clean and arrange the utensils used neatly.
In addition to the tea-making steps, the most important thing in tea art is ** details **, such as how to put it in hand, the order of the tea set, and the body can not swing. Moreover, when making tea, let your rhythm slow down as much as possible, so that friends who taste tea can feel quiet.

sang yuanheng

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