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About Lapsang Souchong

In the early days, lapsang souchong was called xiaozhong black tea, which was the earliest tea that China entered Europe and was hailed as "Shiwang tea" by the Dutch and the British. It has a firm appearance, a plump color and a lustrous color. After soaking in water, the soup is red and thick, with a long aroma and a smoky, mellow taste. With the flavor of longan soup, adding milk, the flavor of the tea is not reduced, forming a syrup-like milk tea, the liquid color is more gorgeous, especially loved by European and American consumers.

Foreigners know that Chinese tea begins with Europeans. Earlier, the tea industry was imported from the Netherlands and Portugal; the imported tea came from Xiamen Port, Fujian. The English pronunciation of the word "tea" is to call tea "tea" in Xiamen dialect. The tea exported before the Guangxu period was basically Wuyi black tea, so that some European countries called Chinese tea "Bohea" or "Black Tea".

The British affectionately referred to tea as "vanilla". From nobles to civilians, they love black tea for ten minutes. Wuyi black tea entered the UK, initially in a cafe called Garvey in London, and sold to the public, the price was as high as 6 to 10 pounds.

In 1662, Princess Catherine of Portugal married King Charles II of England, and Wuyi black tea also entered the British royal family. Since then, drinking Wuyi black tea has become a part of royal family life. Subsequently, Queen Anne advocated the use of tea instead of wine and introduced drinking black tea into the upper class. Wuyi black tea began to be popular in the United Kingdom and Western countries.

The Zhengshan small black tea was first known as "Black Tea" in Tongmuguan area. The rising trend of drinking tea in the west has promoted the increasing export volume of tea, especially black tea. Because of the "mellow taste and overwhelming quality of tea" in Wuyi black tea, tea merchants from all over the world have come to Wuyi, causing a lot of imitation of Wuyi black tea in the surrounding areas.

(Our first company located in the center of the Wuyi Mountain Area)

In order to distinguish the difference between foreign imitation products and Wuyishan genuine products, black tea produced in Wuyishan is called “lapsang soughing“, and non-Wuyishan imitation products are "outer mountain race" or "artificial race" and "smoke race".

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